NutriAdmin interview at DeliveryRank

Sarah Kirton from DeliveryRank has interviewed me (Diego) from NutriAdmin regarding how our company started, what lead us to work with nutritionists and dietitians, and what our future plans are.

If you are new to NutriAdmin, or curious about the people behind the company, you may find the interview of interest.

You can click here to read the full interview at DeliveryRank.

Diego Oliveira Sanchez

Diego Oliveira Sanchez

Diego is the cofounder of NutriAdmin, a specialised software solution for nutritionists. Diego holds an Mphil in Scientific Computing from Cambridge University & has a background in finance in London.

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Nutri Admin

Thousands of nutritionists and dietitians have tried NutriAdmin. Have you checked what the software can do for you?
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NutriAdmin interview at DeliveryRank
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