Practice management software for dietitians

Our experience in the field has shown us that most practice management softwares dietitians might be using right now to run their practices may not have been designed specifically for them. If you are a dietitian, maybe you have an app or software to schedule your consultations, another one to manage your client files and even a third one for other administrative tasks, making it a bit uneasy and awkward to create a simple, easy workflow.
NutriAdmin has been created taking into account the feedback from dozens of nutritionists and dietitians, so we believe both their more specific and general needs are covered in this program. From administrative features to specific ones such as meal plans or nutritional analysis, NutriAdmin is the all-in-one practice management software for dietitians.

Keep your client information safe, updated and easily accessible
NutriAdmin stores all your data in a HIPPA compliant cloud, so it’s safe and accessible everywhere. In the manner of most practice management softwares, NutriAdmin brings together the most annoying and time-consuming administrative tasks with the difference that these are focused on the special needs of nutritionists and dietitians. For example, client profiles are fully customizable, with pre-built data fields for dietitians so it’s easier to gather all the information you will need. Our questionnaires are super easy to create and send over to your clients, making more accessible the usually tiring task of compiling and archiving medical histories, health or fitness goals. Use pre-made forms or create your own, even multiple questionnaires for different types of consultations.
Your relationship with your clients can also benefit from NutriAdmin since it also incorporates a calendar, appointments, and reminders feature. Increase client compliance with automatic reminders and notifications, an effortless schedule for first and follow-up appointments and a system to send your available meeting dates to clients with one click. Save time by letting NutriAdmin take care of the most repetitive tasks for you. Your client data will be automatically added to your reports, which will result in less formatting and more efficiency for you.
Our 1-click online payments system through Stripe, allowing different price points for different services, the management of payments, invoices, receipts, and billing, rounds up NutriAdmin as the best practice management software for dietitians.

Specially made for dietitians and nutritionists
Although the features we have already mentioned have been designed taking into account nutritionists and dietitians, there are a few more even more specific so they can all direct their workflow from the same software saving time, effort and investment.
NutriAdmin’s meal planning feature is one of the most praised by dietitians. With more than 70,000 food items listed in its database, this feature allows dietitians to auto-generate a personalized plan in as little as 60 seconds including recipes and instructions and an automatic nutritional analysis, as well as shopping lists. This feature pairs with the advanced recipe management, so you can add your recipes to meal plans with one click, generate or customize your own recipes drawing from a database with 360,000+ items and also get automatic nutritional analysis and ingredients lists.

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Nutri Admin

Thousands of nutritionists and dietitians have tried NutriAdmin. Have you checked what the software can do for you?
  • Save up to 2 hours of work every day
  • Keep all your client data in one secure place
  • Create professional meal plans and reports
Practice management software for dietitians
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