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This page provides free nutrition calculator tools for nutritionists and dietitians. These tools are a small subset of NutriAdmin, our software for nutritionists, coaches, and personal trainers, that allows you to reduce admin work in your practice. You can bookmark this page in your web browser and use the tools below, such as formula calculators, as much as you want.

Fill in the form below to calculate BMI, BMR using the Harris/Benedict Equation, Mifflin and St Jeor Equation, and Katch-McArdle Formula, as well as protein intake recommendations based on body composition.

Formula variables

These fields are used to populate data for the free nutrition calculator tools on this site.

Please enter weight, height, age, body fat percentage and gender below to calculate BMR using all BMR formulas

Nutrition calculator results

BMI (Body Mass Index)-Weight (kg) divided by height squared (m)
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)-Harris/Benedict Equation
Weight maintenance level-BMR (Harris/Benedict) × Activity Level
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)-Mifflin and St Jeor Equation
Weight maintenance level-BMR (Mifflin and St Jeor) × Activity Level
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)-Katch-McArdle Formula
Weight maintenance level-BMR (Katch-McArdle) × Activity Level
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)-Schofield Equation
Weight maintenance level-BMR (Schofield) × Activity Level
PA values for different physical activity-BMR (Katch-McArdle) × Adjusted Activity Level
DRI for Protein (body weight)-DRI as a function of body weight
Protein recommendation based on lean body mass-More accurate than DRI if LBM is known

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