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Discover the power of having Electronic Health Records tailored specifically to your needs as a nutrition professional. Keep all your client data secure and organized in one place with our CRM/EHR for nutritionists, personal trainers, dietitians and coaches.

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CRM/EHR for nutritionists and coaches overview

Customizable CRM/EHR for nutritionists and coaches

Need a HIPAA-compliant way of keeping all your client records organized? What about keeping track of progress and follow-up sessions over time? Are you tired of using a messy system of folders, spreadsheets and files? Or perhaps you have grown increasingly frustrated with a CRM software solution that doesn't cater to your needs as a nutritionist, coach, or personal trainer?

NutriAdmin solves all your problems with a CRM/EHR for nutritionists and other wellness professionals. We have designed a fully customizable interface for client records so that you can keep track of questionnaires, health history, anthropometrics, documents, meal plans, reports, appointments, payments, and everything else associated with clients over time. We have interviewed hundreds of nutrition professionals to build this system, so you will find it just works as you would expect.

Our customers include nutritionists, personal trainers, and coaches. Caroline, a nutritionist, just loves how she can seamlessly store and organize all her client information in one place. She no longer fears losing important files, and the productivity gains have been notorious. With NutriAdmin, you never have to write the same thing twice. Caroline loves the ability of saving handy templates for common advice so that she can spend more time talking to clients, and waste less time doing admin.

Nutritionists, coaches, personal trainers, and wellness professionals

Designed for the work you do

NutriAdmin has been built specifically for nutritionists, coaches, personal trainers, and wellness professionals.

We have collected the feedback of thousands of nutrition professionals over the years to make sure the software meets your needs.

If you work in nutrition, wellness, or fitness, then NutriAdmin is for you. Our CRM for nutritionists provides relevant fields for nutrition & fitness, so that you can track what matters for clients.


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Learn how the CRM/EHR for nutritionists works

The CRM for nutritionists allows nutrition professionals, to be effective 
in the digital age, facilitating secure management of client records.

What is a CRM/EHR for nutritionists and coaches?

A CRM or EHR for nutritionists is a system that allows nutrition professionals such as nutritionists, dietitians, or health coaches to store and manage all their client data securely. NutriAdmin provides an EHR that can help you store client files, including questionnaires, notes, reports, meal plans, blood tests, programs, and more. Not only that, you can also track anthropometric data, formulas like BMI/BMR, and share data with clients via a client portal.

All your client data in one place

NutriAdmin's CRM/EHR for nutritionists and coaches includes:

  • Unlimited custom questionnaires and forms
  • Customizable consultation notes and protocols
  • Ability to follow up and store historical records
  • Organizational features to keep a growing practice tidy
  • Security including HIPAA, GDPR, and other compliance
  • Integration with Dropbox for file storage
  • Appointments, questionnaires, meal plans, reports
  • Formulas like BMI, BMR, and anthropometric tracking
  • Share documents using the client portal where clients can log in
  • And much more!
CRM and EHR for nutritionists all in one place

How to customize the CRM step by step

You can truly make it your own!

  1. 1. Create a new questionnaire or private notes template
  2. 2. Start adding or editing fields
  3. 3. Choose from text, tables, checkboxes, and many others
  4. 4. Rinse and repeat, until you have implemented your forms
  5. 5. (Optional) send us your form and we will implement it for you
  6. 6. (Optional) use our pre-made common forms like PAR-Q or food likes form
  7. 7. Create duplicates of your forms to store multiple sessions like follow-ups
  8. 8. This only needs to be done once. You will be able to re-use forms with clients

Once you have set up your forms you can:

  1. Send questionnaires to clients to fill in on their own
  2. Fill in your custom private notes during/after consultations with clients
  3. Generate reports based on questionnaires/notes using data in the system
Customizing CRM/EHR for nutritionists and coaches

Watch the CRM for nutritionists in action

Watch this short video demo to learn

  • Overview of CRM for nutritionists and coaches
  • How to keep your client records in NutriAdmin
  • Options available for customizing fields
  • Questionnaires and private notes
  • Organizing your client records
CRM for nutritionists Youtube Video

Hear it from our happy customers

Here are some real comments our users are saying about 
the CRM/EHR for nutritionists and coaches. It's a small sample, there is much more! 
We have users all over the world from every walk of life.

NutriAdmin reviews on Capterra NutriAdmin Capterra Reviews

testimonial from Caitlin Samson, clinical nutritionist and exercise physiologist

Caitlin Samson - USA

Clinical Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist
True Food and Wellness, LLC


Customer 5-star review after using NutriAdmin for 3+ years:

"Been a user for years now - happy with the product and will continue to use it!"

Overall: "I love it! I will continue to use it - a major time saver for me with sending clients their intake forms directly in their booking confirmation email and keeping notes electronically. Very easy to use and customer support has always gotten back to me quickly with any questions I have had."

Pros: "Great customer support, easy to use, calendar feature for booking client appointments, helps me keep up-to-date notes, and has saved a lot of time keeping records electronically versus paper."

Reasons for Choosing NutriAdmin: "I do not remember the names of the other products, but I did look at a few others. I found NutriAdmin to be the most reasonably priced for what I was looking for. Other products did not offer the same features or were more expensive."

Testimonial from Brianna Koleva, personal trainer and fitness coach

Brianna Koleva - USA

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach
Healthy by Brianna


5-star review:

"Easy to use & Very functional!"

Overall: "I've used NutriAdmin for a long time now, maybe 4 if not 5 years and I do not see myself switching to another software because I am really comfortable where I am at and seeing the team make constant improvements and changes confirms my decision to stay! I've recommended the software to other practitioners and I hope they signed up!"

Pros: "I love how easy it is to set up my own meal plan. I prefer using my own recipes and ingredients frequently as the simpler a meal plan is, the best it works for my clients. Over the years I have been using NutriAdmin, they have implemented many changes and always taken in consideration my suggestions and questions. Hands down best customer support out there!"

Brianna has used NutriAdmin non-stop Since 2019

testimonial about NutriAdmin from Nina Gelbke, mind-state and nutrition mentior from New Zealand

Nina Gelbke - Australia

Sports Nutritionist
Naturally Nina


5-star review:

"Fantastic program! Absolutely love it! NutriAdmin makes managing appointments, payments, client files, reports and plans really easy, organized and secure. I don’t know where I’d be without it!"

Nina has been using NutriAdmin non-stop since 2018.

Testimonial from Meaghan Lane, dietitian

Meaghan Lane - Canada

Vaudreuil & West Island Nutrition


5-star review titled Great electronic medical record for dietitians:

"Overall NutriAdmin has helped streamline our clinic and is a great asset to us. It has a great customizable interface, and it is easy to use to keep track of patient files and provide meal plans."

Meaghan has been using NutriAdmin non-stop since 2016! She has used the software both on her own, and as part of a team.

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All your client data organized in one place! Discover why tens of thousands of nutrition and fitness professionals have tried NutriAdmin to date. This is a specialized client management system for nutrition and wellness professionals. Never again lose client information, NutriAdmin gives you peace of mind and makes you more productive.

Get started with a 14-day free trial, and create a few sample client records. You can import your own questionnaires/notes templates or get started with the ones we provide. Cancel anytime with one click. You are covered as well by our 30-day money back guarantee.

Questions about NutriAdmin?

Read answers to common questions 
about the CRM/EHR for nutritionists and coaches here.

1. Is NutriAdmin HIPAA/GDPR compliant?

NutriAdmin is a secure and private platform for nutrition and wellness professionals. Our goal is to keep your data secure. You can check our security and privacy documents to see how we comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, UK Data Protection law, as well as other regulations. You can also see our privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other legal documents there.

2. What fitness data can you track?

There is a dedicated anthropometrics section, so that you can track weight, body fat %, muscle mass, waist/hip circumference, etc. You can also record clients' weight, height, activity level, gender, and body fat % and the software will automatically calculate useful fitness formulas like BMR, weight maintenance level, BMI, protein requirement, etc.

3. What are the default questionnaires provided?

When you sign up for NutriAdmin we provide you with some default questionnaires to help you get started. These include: a nutrition intake questionnaire, food likes/dislikes questionnaire, physical readiness form, PARQ, terms and conditions disclaimer, food diary, and more. You can customize any of the provided questionnaires, delete the ones you don't need, or implement your own from scratch. NutriAdmin can easily be customized to make the interface truly your own.

4. Can you add custom questionnaires/notes?

Yes. We provide questionnaires and private notes templates for your client records by default, but you are encouraged to add your own. You can create any number of custom questionnaires to send to clients, as well as notes templates so that you can record relevant information during consultations. You can check our guide on how to customize/create a new questionnaire or check the guide on how to customize private notes to learn more.

5. Can I share client records?

Data in NutriAdmin is secure and private to you by default. That being said, there are dedicated ways so that you can share specific data with clients, doctors, colleagues, and other relevant parties. Firstly, you can use the client portal to share meal plans, reports, and questionnaires securely with your clients. Secondly, you can generate a report at any time including any combination of client data, and download it as a PDF. The report could be intended for yourself, for a client, for a doctor, insurance, etc. Finally, if you work in a team, you can sign up for a business plan to use our nutrition team software and share data securely with colleagues.

6. Is NutriAdmin an all-in-one solution?

Yes. Our goal is to provide nutritionists and coaches with all the tools they need for work in a single platform. With NutriAdmin, clients enter your workflow via setting appointments, making payments or filling in your questionnaires. Once in the system, you can take notes during or after a consultation, and then collate all the data you have captured into a report, meal plan, or fitness plan. The client receives the finished documents from you securely via the portal. All these features are deeply integrated and data flows securely and seamlessly between them, so you never have to duck-tape systems, copy/paste data or duplicate effort. There is massive power in this synergy and that is why NutriAdmin will save you time.

7. What languages are supported?

NutriAdmin is officially provided only in English. That being said, it is possible to customize the vast majority of content clients see into other languages. You can check our language customization guide to learn more. We have users that have customized the platform to work in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, and many other languages.

8. Can I add my own branding?

Yes. All your content intended for clients will include your logo, name, company name, email signature, and other branding elements. This applies to reports/meal plans/recipes you create from the software, as well as questionnaires you send to clients, or the client portal itself.

9. How does NutriAdmin compare with competitors?

NutriAdmin is amongst the best apps for nutritionists based on reviews, price, and functionality. We have some of the best reviews, lowest price, and most complete feature-set amongst competitors. You can check our NutriAdmin comparisons page to learn more. We have collected verified, independent third-party data to support our claims, so you don't have to take our word for it.

10. What if I have other questions?

Simply write on the Ask a Question blue box below, and we will get back to you asap, typically within 24 hours. Our customer support is rated 5 stars by virtually all our users, and we will always do our best to help you! This is whether you are considering trying the CRM for nutritionists, or you are already a customer with questions on how to use NutriAdmin. To top it off, our data reveals that the software is so intuitive and easy-to-use that users rarely need to contact us at all!