#7 Marketing for nutritionists and dietitians, an introduction

#7 Marketing for nutritionists and dietitians, an introduction

This is episode 7 of The Nutritionist Podcast. The podcast made for nutritionists, where we interview experts and bring you topics of interest ranging from nutrition research, to business skills, case studies, stories, and more.

You can find out more about this episode and how to listen below.

Episode description

Welcome to episode 7 of The Nutritionist Podcast.

In today’s episode, Diego from NutriAdmin is here to give you an overview of online marketing as a nutritionist. How to get more clients, and how to grow your practice or business.

Diego started NutriAdmin back in 2016 and has over 7 years of experience running a business. Moreover, he has had contact with thousands of nutritionists and dietitians over the years. So his background should be highly relevant to our audience of nutritionists and wellness professionals.

So, marketing for nutritionists – Why this is needed?

Firstly, let’s consider specialist vs business skills. Most nutritionists will be experts in nutrition, and that will be their educational and professional background. However, it takes a different skillset to thrive in business/private practice. We talk about this in the podcast.

Also, we consider the important of defining your audience, being as specific as you can. E.g.

  • Middle aged women that are trying to get into sports, in this location
  • People with diabetes in the state
  • People with specific eating disorders and age groups.

Then we delve into a brief overview of the different marketing strategies out there, including:

1. Creating a website

2. SEO to rank in Google

3. Social media marketing: a. Instagram b. Twitter c. Facebook i. Page ii. group d. Linkedin i. Page ii. Group iii. Personal profile e. Youtube f. Podcast g. Tiktok

4. Advertising a. Google b. Facebook c. Linkedin d. Twitter e. Etc

5. Remarketing

6. Email marketing a. Building an email list b. Sending regular newsletters c. Segmenting audience d. Following rules

7. Partnerships a. Referrals from doctors b. Supplement companies

8. Follow up

9. Cold calls

10. Cold emails

11. Leaftlets

12. Offline marketing

We also talk about different techniques for grading results of your marketing efforts: a. Grading them b. Time they take c. Effort d. Whether you like it e. Money cost Hope you find this useful and we intend to bring marketing experts into the show as guests to delve deeper into many of the strategies above. #food #fitness #wellness #health #NutriAdmin #dietitian #gymowners #nutrition #marketing #business #sales #gettingmoreclients #nutritionclients #privatepractice #entrepreneur #nutritionbusiness #nutritionpractice #socialmediamarketing #onlinemarketing #growingbusiness #nutritionist

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You can watch this episode on Youtube in the link below. Make sure to subscribe to the NutriAdmin channel on Youtube to be notified when new episodes are published.

#7 Marketing for nutritionists and dietitians, an introduction – The Nutritionist Podcast

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