All-in-one Software for Nutritionists and Dietitians

The only software you will ever need to run your practice

A complete solution

NutriAdmin includes everything you need from EHR to meal plans, billing, and more.

Automate your admin work

Create professional questionnaires, meal plans, and reports with a few clicks.

Save time and money

Spend quality time with clients and be more efficient with our nutritionist software.

NutriAdmin at a glance

NutriAdmin makes managing your practice effortless. All our features are designed to handle the business side of your nutrition practice, cutting down paperwork by half.

nutritionist software dashboard


Everything a nutritionist needs – in a single integrated application

Advanced Security

Hosted on a HIPAA-compliant cloud and meeting industry standards (learn more)

Electronic Medical Records

Easily store and keep up-to-date all of your clients' data

Send Questionnaires with 1 Click

Data is synchronized with client records automatically

Generate Reports Automatically

Write reports in seconds with templates. Client data is auto-populated to save you time

Generate Meal Plans with a few clicks

Choose a diet, specify macronutrient content and allergens to avoid, and your meal plan is ready

Online Payments

Manage client payments online from NutriAdmin. All your transactions are automatically recorded.

No-Hassle Integrated Calendar

Synchronized with all NutriAdmin features and with Google

Create recipes in 30 seconds

Search over 330,000 recipes in our database and generate professional recipes with a few clicks

Suitable for any Nutrition Practice

NutriAdmin is fully customizable to adapt to your practice. Your branding/logo appears in emails and reports

Built specifically for nutritionists by nutritionists

We contacted hundreds of nutritionists asking them how software could eliminate their biggest pains in running their businesses. NutriAdmin is the result of this collaboration.

Fast to setup. Easy to learn. No hassle

Sign up in 1 minute & start saving time immediately. Our software is intuitive and easy to use. There are step-by-step tutorials, videos, and FAQs at your disposal to help you.

Premium support available when you need it

Contact us whenever you experience an issue with the software or have a question. A product developer will be available to assist you and solve your query within a day.

Who uses NutriAdmin?

Read success stories to learn how NutriAdmin helps nutrition professionals like you every day.

Monica Durigon - UK

Nutritionist & Wellbeing Consultant
I seriously don’t know how I managed before... I cannot imagine being without NutriAdmin now!

Danelle Stevens - New Zealand

Registered Nutritionist
Having all my recipes in one place and being able to draw them into meal plans saves me a lot of time

Marc Perry - USA

Personal Trainer & CEO at BuiltLean
It’s not a bloated software with a million features, but a more streamlined, well-organized software

Brenda Gregory - USA

Functional Medicine nutritionist
What used to take me an hour, per client, now takes me about 20 minutes

Mark Bennett - UK

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NTP
It’s just easy. In terms of sending out forms with new clients it takes minutes, seconds sometimes

Claudine Ryan - South Africa

Registered Dietitian
It is possible to add your own, local products and ingredients, which makes the program user-friendly in any part of the world

Join 4000+ registered NutriAdmin users

Let our nutritionist software take care of your paperwork (for free) for 14 days. After that, it's only $29.99/month for the basic plan. Cancel anytime with 1 click.


testimonials nutriadmin diana

Diana Kinsfather MS, RDN

Owner at Kinsfather Nutrition

 I am the owner of a small private practice and have welcomed the assistance that NutriAdmin has provided. I have been using NutriAdmin software for a few months now and it has helped me manage client information, formulate new client and health history questionnaires, and provide a platform for recipe creation. The software offers so many customizable options and is easy to use. Diego and the NutriAdmin team provide a high quality program that offers users easy to follow tutorials, system updates, and new features. They are fast to respond to any question and truly care about making sure the program is beneficial to each user. The quality of customer service is beyond exceptional and I look forward to incorporating more of the functions into my business. 

testimonials nutriadmin linda

Linda Albinsson BSc, RNT (mBANT)

Nutrition Consultant at Personalised Nutrition

 NutriAdmin has really changed how I work, and amalgamates my work into one system which is great! Being directly designed for Nutritionists, the system really understands our unique requirements, and you can even use it for Functional Medicine principles. The best bit about it though I think – is the super simple interface, from which you can have your own designed questionnaires sent to the client automatically together with proposed appointment slots. It looks so professional, and it’s worth using the system just for that. Customer service is on-call at all times for any queries you have and they are always open for suggestions and seem to be able to meet any individual demands I have for amendments! Highly recommend :)   

testimonials nutriadmin Tiffany

Tiffany Schebesch, BASc, RD

Owner of Peak Nutrition Consulting

 I’ve been using NutriAdmin for almost 2 years since opening my registered dietitian private practice, and I’ve never looked back! NutriAdmin seamlessly integrates customized chart notes and meal plans in a safe platform, to ensure I’m complying with my college regulations. The ability to use my own logo and branding when communicating with clients creates a professional appearance that I really appreciate. I’ve especially loved the features of sending initial questionnaires and feedback forms to clients after we’re done working together; it expedites the process to save hours of administrative work each month. The customer service is unprecedented; my queries are answered quickly and efficiently to ensure my practice runs smoothly – NutriAdmin will always be my first choice! 

Do you have a question?

If you have a question about how NutriAdmin works, how much does it cost, or anything else, check our Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, you can ask us anything directly by using the Ask a question box on the bottom right corner of the screen.