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NutriAdmin is the trusted platform that thousands of nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, coaches, and wellness professionals use worldwide.

Deliver exceptional value to your clients, helping them achieve their goals - all of it whilst simplifying your workflow, saving time, and staying organized.

Grow your practice with NutriAdmin

Grow your practice with NutriAdmin

NutriAdmin equips you with the tools you need to ensure you are 100% productive day after day, no matter how large or small your practice is.

Saving time and streamlining your processes will allow you to invest more in growing your practice and in deepening the relationships with your clients.

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NutriAdmin is a complete software for nutritionists

All our features are designed to handle the business side of your 
nutrition practice, dramatically cutting down the time spent 
on paperwork. Here is what NutriAdmin can do for you.

Nutrition software for professionals that gets the job done

We systematically collect the feedback of thousands of our users (your peers) 
to learn how to eliminate the biggest pains in running their practices/businesses. 
Whether you are a nutritionist, personal trainer, or coach, NutriAdmin can work for you.

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Success Stories

We have interviewed some of our users about how NutriAdmin 
helps them do their job. Learn from the experience of other nutritionists, 
dietitians, health coaches, personal trainers across the globe.

NutriAdmin reviews on Capterra NutriAdmin Capterra Reviews

success story NutriAdmin Brenda detail

Brenda Gregory - USA


"What used to take me an hour, per client, now takes me about 20 minutes". Brenda uses NutriAdmin for functional medicine.

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success story NutriAdmin Marc detail

Marc Perry - USA

Certified Personal Trainer

"It's not a bloated software with a million features, but a more streamlined, well-organized software".

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success story NutriAdmin Danelle detail

Danelle Stevens - New Zealand

Registered Nutritionist

"Having all my recipes in one place and being able to draw them into meal plans saves me a lot of time".

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success story NutriAdmin Claudine detail

Claudine Ryan - South Africa

Registered Dietitian

"It is possible to add your own, local products and ingredients, which makes the program user-friendly in any part of the world".

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