NutriAdmin provides several tools that can help nutritionists, dietitians, trainers and other nutrition professionals do their job more efficiently. However, there is an important concept to bear in mind when using NutriAdmin. That is, NutriAdmin can never replace a qualified professional or fully automate the job. More concretely:

NutriAdmin cannot produce medical or health advice for clients

For instance, you can create a meal plan in NutriAdmin for a client. The software will then:

  • Calculate the macronutrients and calories in the plan
  • Calculate the micronutrient content in the plan

NutriAdmin can save you the effort of manually calculating nutritional values for a meal plan (which would be a very tedious and time-consuming task). However, it has to be a qualified professional who interprets the results and produces adequate recommendations for a client or patient. NutriAdmin can crunch the numbers and automate the repetitive processes in your work, but it cannot provide medical or nutritional advice directly for your clients or patients.

Nutrition, fitness and health are very complex fields. There are new discoveries every year, sometimes changing established best practices and standards dramatically. Moreover, there are often different schools of thought regarding diets, treatments for a disease, medication, etc. Sometimes, scientists and professionals disagree on what the best solution to a health or nutrition problem is.

No software program can provide a clear answer for a question such as what is the best diet to lose weight, or what can I eat to combat a certain disease. It is an expert who has to weigh in all of the relevant variables (age, gender, weight, lifestyle, goals, etc) to give the best possible advice to a client or patient. In some cases, different professionals will provide different advice (even contradictory advice) to the same client with the same condition depending on what their knowledge and experience is. NutriAdmin cannot decide which of the multiple potential sets of advice is best for a client.

It would be great to have a tool that could automatically determine the best diet for a client, or write a report with a treatment plan for a client at a click of a button. There are equivalent tools in some other professions that significantly cut the amount of work done by the professional. However, this cannot happen in nutrition/health (at least at the time of writing in 2017) for the reasons discussed in this article.

Finally, NutriAdmin cannot take any responsibility for the outcome of any client's treatment, diet program, exercise program, etc. NutriAdmin is just a tool, and it is the duty of the user to utilize it responsibly when advising clients and patients.