Success Stories

Interviews with some of NutriAdmin’s long-time users describing how the software helps them achieve their goals.

Danelle Stevens

Using NutriAdmin in New Zealand as a Nutritionist

“Having all my recipes in one place and being able to draw them into meal plans saves me a lot of time” Danelle Stevens’ work as a Registered Nutritionist in New Zealand has found in NutriAdmin a useful and adaptable tool to make her job easier and safer, both for…

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Claudine Ryan South Africa Dietitian

Interview with a Registered Dietitian in South Africa

Interview: “It is possible to add your own, local products and ingredients, which makes the program user-friendly in any part of the world” One of the most time-consuming tasks for nutritionists and dietitians is creating personalized meal plans for their clients’ special needs. With NutriAdmin, South African dietitian Claudine Ryan…

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Marc Perry - Certified Personal Trainer BuiltLean

Using NutriAdmin as a Certified Personal Trainer

“It’s not a bloated software with a million features, but a more streamlined, well-organized software” After interviewing nutritional therapists it’s time we tackle the fitness field with Marc Perry, founder and CEO of BuiltLean, a certified personal trainer who is “on a mission to help busy men with demanding careers…

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Jessica Roy - Registered Dietitian

Utilizing NutriAdmin as a Canadian Dietitian

“I wish I had found NutriAdmin sooner” Passion is what moves most of the professionals we have encountered in NutriAdmin’s journey so far, but there are also stories like this one in which personal experiences with food and health have defined their motivations to become dietitians and nutritionists. Jessica Roy…

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Catherine Jeans - Nutritional Therapist

Interview with a UK Family Nutrition Expert

“The first thing I’ve loved is the ongoing support that you get” Catherine Jeans has been The Family Nutrition Expert for 8 years now, and after using a traditional system of pen and paper and trying different organizational programs she has found in NutriAdmin the nutrition software for professionals she…

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Heather Duquette-Wolf HMD Nutrition

Using NutriAdmin as a US Dietitian

“I feel so much organized and able to find the information very quickly” Until now, the histories we have collected were of relatively new professionals that have incorporated NutriAdmin early on in their professional careers. Heather Duquette-Wolf, however, has been a dietitian in Arizona since 1999 after getting her Bachelors…

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Paul Foley - Nutritional therapist

Using NutriAdmin as a Functional Medicine Practitioner

“I thrust complex protocols together with the click of a mouse” Paul Foley is a BANT registered nutritional therapist and qualified Functional medicine practitioner. At the moment of this interview, he has been using NutriAdmin successfully for 10 months, easily managing the patient records and appointments of his three clinics,…

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Brenda Gregory - Functional Medicine nutritionist

Using NutriAdmin for Nutritional Functional Medicine

“What used to take me an hour, per client, now takes me about 20 minutes” Brenda Gregory is a Functional Medicine nutritionist that started her company -Energized Wellness- around two years ago and has already completed her first years as a NutriAdmin client. With a background in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s…

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