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Coach your clients to success with professional, easy-to-follow meal plans. Track client goals and manage all your admin work hassle-free. NutriAdmin is the software for health and fitness coaches that want to take it to the next level.

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software for nutrition, fitness, and health coaches

Software for fitness, wellness and nutrition coaches that want to grow

You know how client success hinges on clients following a plan? You need the right plan, whether it is a meal plan for nutrition, a fitness regime, or mindset goals. But, the plan is just half of the equation. After all, it is easy for clients to give up on challenging goals. That is where a coach steps in, providing invaluable guidance and accountability to ensure clients follow the plan to success. This being said, do you have an effective way to both make plans for clients and to regularly follow up with them so that they stay motivated?

Well, NutriAdmin takes your nutrition or fitness coaching to a whole new level. Our health coaching software enables you to create meal plans that are individualized and easy-to-follow, so that clients stay on track. Moreover, you can communicate regularly with customers with ease, keeping track of fitness goals, and setting recurring appointments with them. NutriAdmin makes it easy for coaches to continue to provide the required individual attention each client deserves, at scale.

Some of our success stories include Rob and his team of 10 coaches, who has been running his fitness business since 2020 with NutriAdmin. Together they create meal plans, track client goals and conduct weekly follow ups. Work that used to take hours is now automated or done in just minutes. NutriAdmin has been a game changer for them, their business has tripled in size in a few short years!


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How does our software for health and fitness coaches work?

NutriAdmin can help fitness, health, wellness and nutrition coaches. 
The app allows you to communicate with clients, follow up over time, and to 
create meal plans that help them achieve wellness goals.

What is software for health/fitness coaches?

NutriAdmin is a software for nutrition and wellness coaches. The software allows you to manage client records and track their fitness or health goals over time. You can create easy-to-follow meal plans and track food diaries to better advise clients. Scheduling and following up with clients is easy, and clients can log in to a client portal web-app to interact with you. All in all, NutriAdmin helps you be more effective with your time, simplifying admin so that you get to spend more quality time helping your coaching clients succeed.

NutriAdmin as a software for wellness/fitness coaches

Benefits for coaches using NutriAdmin

  • Create custom questionnaires to learn about your clients
  • Track anthropometrics, weight, and key parameters for clients
  • Create meal plans in 60s with the meal plan generator
  • Schedule appointments with ease with our integrated calendar
  • Share reports, plans, and questionnaires via the client portal
  • Manage all your recipes, handouts, and templates in one place
  • Request food diaries from your clients to track their eating
  • Increase client compliance with automatic reminders
  • Benefit from all the other features in our coaching software
  • And much more!
software for nutrition and fitness coaches summary

Key features for health and fitness coaches

NutriAdmin offers many features to help you work more effectively. 
Here are four key features that make NutriAdmin excel specifically as a 
software for health and fitness coaches. You can also check all features.

Reviews from NutriAdmin users

Here are some real comments from coaches using NutriAdmin 
It's a small sample, there is much more! We consistently get top reviews.

NutriAdmin reviews on Capterra NutriAdmin Capterra Reviews

Testimonial NutriAdmin Jaci Ivins software for coaches

Jaci Irvings - USA

Lead Coach at Eat to Perform


"Our company has been utilizing NutriAdmin for the past 4 years with our team of 10+ coaches. During this time NutriAdmin has supported our needs and has worked to continually improve their service. The platform allows for full customization and fine tuning of client meal plans. Our clients appreciate the various ways that they can access the information from their meal plans. NutriAdmin's customer service is top notch. They are extremely responsive and listen to our needs."

Jaci is part of a team of coaches at Eat to Perform that have been happy NutriAdmin customers since 2019

Testimonial from Damien Twomey, personal trainer and coach

Damien Twomey - Ireland

Personal trainer & coach
Damien Twomey Person Coaching


5-star review:

"This software is fantastic. I've tried a few different ones, like Foodzilla, and this is head and shoulders above the rest. I used the client portal with a variety of people up to the age of 80, and they all found it user-friendly. I'm very impressed with how professional the meal plans and reports look for the clients, and how easy it is to individualize them. So far I have nothing negative to say about it."

Damien finds NutriAdmin an effective fitness coaching software for his professional career.

NutriAdmin testimonial from David Baker, coach at Platinum Strength & Nutrition Coaching

David Baker - Australia

Platinum Strength & Nutrition Coaching


5-star review for NutriAdmin:

"It has been nothing but excellent. The product had me 80% sold, but the support even from the initial engagement of questions during selection has stood out! It has made me commit to staying on full time as a paid customer. Some of the Pros of using NutriAdmin include: The ease of adding a new client, the client portal, and the ability to add custom foods and recipes. These have been key to the selection process when comparing software options. Another standout from NutriAdmin's competitors in the initial analysis was the range of foods in the database – no one comes close. "

coaching software review from shigufta hussain, womens holistic health coach

Shigufta Hussain - UK

Women's holistic health coach
Emerald Health and Wellbeing


Customer 5-star review after using NutriAdmin for months:

"I am very new in my business and soon to launch! I have checked many nutritional software sites - the others were missing major components that I needed! The templates, the nutritional database, meal planner, recipe database - NutriAdmin is my favorite! The deciding factor to use NutriAdmin was the recipe database! This feature will help me with time! Time = money"

Shigufta is able to use our health coaching software to run her entire wellbeing business

Try our fitness and health coaching software for free

Tired of clients that give up on their coaching program too soon? Now is the time to deliver targeted meal plans and to start regular client follow-up to take your coaching to the next level!

NutriAdmin is a risk-free coaching app that you can try for free for 14 days. You can use NutriAdmin as a fitness or health coaching software to create meal plans, manage growing numbers of client records, and to stay in touch with clients regularly. In addition to the trial, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so why not get started today and see what it is all about?

Questions about NutriAdmin?

Read answers to common questions about NutriAdmin 
from coaches of all backgrounds here.

1. How does it compare with other coaching apps?

NutriAdmin is a top rated app for coaches in terms of independent customer reviews. You don't have to take our word for it, you can check the guide on the best apps for coaches to learn more about how we justify the claim that we are amongst the best. A key difference with NutriAdmin and competing products for coaches is the strong meal planning and nutrition features that the majority of alternatives do not provide.

2. What are the options for recipes?

When you are creating a meal plan, you can add recipes from multiple sources. You can use the NutriAdmin recipes database, which contains thousands of recipes created by a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian. You can also use the Spoonacular recipes database, which collects over 360,000 recipes from the web. Finally, you can create your own recipes, either from scratch, or with the AI Recipe generator. You can also import recipes from URLs, so plenty of options!

3. What kinds of coaches can use NutriAdmin?

NutriAdmin works best as a software for health, fitness, wellness, or nutrition coaches. If your work consists in coaching clients to achieve health or wellness goals, then NutriAdmin could be a great tool in your arsenal. With NutriAdmin, you get both admin features (e.g. appointments, client records, payments) and nutrition features (e.g. meal plans, recipes, nutrient analysis). We have users from diverse backgrounds, feel free to use the free trial to check it out!

4. How do appointments work?

Firstly, you can integrate NutriAdmin with Google Calendar and other calendar providers. This means your schedule is always in sync across all your devices. Then, you can integrate NutriAdmin with your website or send emails with one click from the app to allow clients to book appointments in your schedule. Clients can get automatic reminders for coaching sessions, which increases retention rates. Finally, you can link questionnaires and payment pages to your automatic email appointments to simplify your admin and improve your workflow.

5. What can I track in client records for clients?

Client records in NutriAdmin are fully customizable. This means that you can edit all the fields in a client record to track whatever information is suitable to you. By default, the notes will include common nutrition and coaching fields, like food preference questionnaires, goals forms, anthropometric tables, etc. You can keep, edit, or remove any fields and truly make the software your own. Just imagine, the perfect set of templates ready for each of your clients so that you can keep track of what matters to you and your clients. The customization options are the greatest reason why NutriAdmin works as a health coaching software solution for a wide range of nutrition and fitness professionals

6. What is the client portal? How do coaches benefit from it?

As a coach, it is imperative that you stay in regular contact with your clients. NutriAdmin's coaching software provides you with a client portal - which allows clients to log in to access their independent account. In the portal, clients can see meal plans and reports you have shared with them, fill in questionnaires, have videochat calls with you and more. The client portal includes your branding, and makes you look professional as well as stay organized. Clients can find all the documents you have shared with them over time in one neat and convenient location.

7. How do questionnaires work for coaches?

Questionnaires allow you to collect data from clients useful for coaching. You can have as many questionnaires as you need, with custom content, including: food diaries, motivation questionnaires, goal setting/tracking, weight/fitness progress metrics, and more. By sending regular questionnaires to clients, you can build a history and check for patterns over time, to see which areas of the client journey are improving, and which need attention.

8. Can I sell meal plans made with NutriAdmin?

You have complete freedom to use the meal plans generated by our software. As long as your local laws permit the provision of meal plans to clients, you can utilize them in any way you like. This includes displaying them on your website, sharing them on social media, or printing them. Additionally, you are not required to provide attribution or add watermarks since all the recipes are developed in-house.

9. What options do you provide for video conferencing with clients?

We offer a native video chat option integrated with our client portal. That being said, most users prefer to use Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet (as clients are familiar with those platforms). You can integrate NutriAdmin with video chat platforms with ease. This way, clients can use the online video chat platforms they are used to, whilst you get the efficiency of automatically sending your meeting details via NutriAdmin.

10. What if I have other questions?

Simply write on the Ask a Question blue box below, and we will get back to you asap, typically within 24 hours. Our customer support is rated 5 stars by virtually all our users, and we will always do our best to help you! This is whether you are considering trying NutriAdmin, or you are already a customer with questions on how to use NutriAdmin. To top it off, our data reveals that the software is so intuitive and easy-to-use that users rarely need to contact us at all!