NutriAdmin features overview

Learn how NutriAdmin will help you save time, eliminate paperwork, and keep organized. Scroll down to see a snapshot of all the features we offer.

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CRM for nutritionists and dietitians

All Your Data in One Place

  • Electronic Medical Records for your clients' data.
  • Fully customizable client profiles.
  • Pre-built data fields for nutritionists & dietitians.
  • Data stored in HIPAA compliant cloud.
emr for nutritionists | crm for nutritionists

Meal Planning Software

Create professional meal plans fast

  • Search over 100,000+ food items in 4 databases.
  • Automatically generate nutritional analysis and shopping lists.
  • Auto-generate a personalized plan in 60 seconds.
  • Include recipes with instructions into meal plans with a click.
meal planning software

Meal Plan Generator

Professional plans made in 60 seconds

  • Choose desired energy and macronutrients.
  • Add a list of ingredients to avoid.
  • Specify a desired diet, such as Paleo, Keto, Low Fodmap, etc.
  • Our algorithm will generate plans meeting your criteria.
meal planning software

Online Customizable Questionnaires

Send Questionnaires with One Click

  • Let your clients fill in data for you before a consultation.
  • Store multiple questionnaires for different types of consultations.
  • Your branding, logo, and signature always show in emails.
  • Use pre-made forms or create your own.
client questionnaires for nutritionists

1-Click Online Payments

Bill your clients online without hassle

  • Accept online payments via Stripe from your NutriAdmin account.
  • Create multiple services at different price points.
  • Review payments, manage invoices and client receipts.
  • Set up subscriptions with recurring billing for clients.
online payments service for nutritionists

Advanced Recipe Management

Create and manage professional recipes

  • Create your own recipes or search a database with 360,000+ items.
  • Add your recipes to meal plans with 1 click.
  • Get nutritional analysis for your recipes automatically.
  • Ingredients are added to a meal plan's shopping list seamlessly.
online recipes for dietitians and nutritionists

AI Recipe Generator

Generate new recipes using artificial intelligence

  • Generate entire recipes from a single line of text description.
  • Create realistic images generated by AI to complement your recipes.
  • Get nutritional analysis for your recipes automatically.
  • Powered by ChatGPT/OpenAI/Dall-E.
generate recipes with AI query

Calendar, appointments, and reminders

Your schedule organized seamlessly

  • Increase client compliance with automatic reminders.
  • Effortlessly schedule first visit and follow-up appointments.
  • Send your available meeting dates to clients with one click.
  • Email notifications sent automatically to you and your client
calendar and client reminders for nutritionists

Automated reports and templates

Generate reports with your clients' data in seconds

  • Client data is populated automatically for you in reports.
  • Do less formatting by leveraging saved templates.
  • Re-use your content and layout for several clients.
  • Save time by having NutriAdmin do repetitive tasks for you.
automated report templates for nutritionists

Client Portal Web App

Professional web-app for clients with your own branding

  • Allow clients to see all their data in one secure place.
  • Clients can fill in questionnaires and food diaries via the portal.
  • Share meal plans and reports with clients with one click.
  • Use telehealth add-on to conduct HIPAA-compliant video calls with clients.
client portal NutriAdmin

Nutrition Analysis

Accurate macronutrient & micronutrient data

  • Create custom foods with specific nutrients.
  • Automatic recipe & meal plan analysis.
  • Analyze client food diaries.
  • Effortlessly check DRIs & micronutrient deficiencies.
nutrition analysis software for nutritionists

Recipes database

Find top quality recipes with advanced filters

  • Recipes vetted by a registered nutritionist dietitian.
  • Professional photography, accurate nutrition.
  • Search by macros, cuisine, diet, and more filters.
  • Easy-to-make and practical recipes, perfect for clients.
recipes database NutriAdmin

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All plans include a 14-day free trial and you can cancel at any time.
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How does NutriAdmin work from a user's perspective?

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success story NutriAdmin Heather Wolf detail

Heather Duquette-Wolf - USA

Registered Dietitian

"I feel so much organized and able to find the information very quickly"

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  • Managing your clients securely and efficiently
  • Sending and receiving client questionnaires

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success story NutriAdmin Catherine Jeans detail

Catherine Jeans - UK

Nutritional Therapist

"The first thing I've loved is the ongoing support that you get"

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  • Keeping your schedule organized
  • Processing online payments with NutriAdmin

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success story NutriAdmin Jessica Roy detail

Jessica Roy - Canada

Registered Dietitian

"I wish I had found NutriAdmin sooner". Jessica uses all features of NutriAdmin, especially the meal planning/recipes components.

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  • How to create professional meal plans
  • Managing recipes in NutriAdmin

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success story NutriAdmin Paul Foley detail

Paul Foley - UK

Nutritional Therapist & Practitioner

"I thrust complex protocols together with the click of a mouse"

Read this interview to learn more about:

  • Electronic Health Records for your clients
  • Automated reports and templates

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