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Getting Started

An introduction to NutriAdmin, FAQs, tips to help you get started, overview of the software...   17 documents

Account & Billing

Changing your email/password, changing your membership status, updating details...   22 documents


HIPAA compliance, data security, policies, and other security related topics...   18 documents

Client Records

CRM for nutritionists, creating client records, customizing data fields, managing clients...   32 documents


Creating/editing/removing a questionnaire, customizing fields in questionnaires, emailing questionnaires...   28 documents

Meal Plans

Creating meal plans, embedding recipes, using meal presets, searching the database, nutritional info...   49 documents

Meal Plan Generator

Generating meal plans, different diets, history, tips on auto-generation...   7 documents


Creating recipes, customizing nutritional info, editing recipe documents, printing recipes...   28 documents


Creating reports, including client data, using templates, common questions about reports, saving time...   23 documents


Sending appointments, configuring working schedules, linking to Google Calendar, confirming appointments...   18 documents

Online Payments

Creating and managing online charges and refunds...   11 documents

Web Integration

Web widgets, and integrating NutriAdmin with your own website   6 documents

Client Portal

Using client portal and troubleshooting the most common issues   19 documents


Using the videochat feature to conduct telehealth sessions with clients   4 documents

Business & teams

Business plans and tutorials for members of a team within the same company   7 documents

Technical Support

Articles related to technical support, and issue troubleshooting   4 documents


How to be more productive with NutriAdmin, tips and tricks on maximizing the usefulness of the software   2 documents