About NutriAdmin

NutriAdmin was founded in 2016 by Diego Oliveira Sanchez and Magda Sternik. We are a small team of software engineers that are passionate about nutrition.

About the founders of NutriAdmin

Diego studied Physics and Scientific computing and holds a masters degree from Cambridge University. Magda studied Computer Science and graduated from the University of Edinburgh.

Diego and Magda met whilst working in technology at Citigroup in London, where a strong working relationship was formed. Shortly after leaving Citi, NutriAdmin was launched, becoming our full-time occupation.

You can click here to read about Diego's experience at Cambridge and how NutriAdmin got started.

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Our mission

NutriAdmin has just one goal: to be the single platform nutrition professionals need to manage their job. Most of these nutrition professionals will be nutritionists and dietitians; but NutriAdmin can also work very well for health coaches, fitness professionals, gym owners, etc.

Imagine your clinic or office, and all the different workflows, tasks, and processes you need to take care of on a daily basis to make it all work. When you work in nutrition, you should ideally spend most of your time working with clients or patients, helping them achieve their goals. However, you also need to take care of other responsibilities: emails, meetings, invoices, taxes, appointment scheduling, meal plan drafting, etc.

We started NutriAdmin because we felt there was a lack of specialized admin software for the nutrition profession. Specialized tools are important because they allow you to take care of all those repetitive tasks efficiently - liberating your time so that you can focus more on clients and patients.

Wouldn't it be great to have a single program that allows you to:

  • Automatically schedule appointments and visit reminders
  • Send complex nutrition intake forms to clients with a click
  • Store all your patient data in a secure and easy to manage way
  • Create professional meal plans and recipes faster by leveraging templates
  • Process payments online
  • and more, all designed specifically for nutritionists and dietitians

Today, hundreds of nutritionists and dietitians manage their practice using just NutriAdmin, email and a phone. You don't really need much else. And, as we continue to enhance and develop NutriAdmin further, the software will be able to meet the needs of more and more nutrition professionals.

Our values

It would seem that in this day and age all new internet businesses are venture-backed Silicon Valley startups. However, this is not at all our case.

Magosoft (NutriAdmin) is privately owned, funded by the founders, and has been profitable since its founding in April 2016. We don't have any outside investors, and all decisions about NutriAdmin are made by the founders: Diego and Magda.

The main reason we decided to fund NutriAdmin on our own was so that we could work in accordance to our values. Removing third parties from the equation, we can focus on what we think is right without compromising our integrity.

Some of our values include:

Long term focus

We want NutriAdmin to continue to be useful decades into the future. Nowadays, many companies want to grow fast and make quick profits without worrying about the future. Often managers will just look at the short-term mainly due to time pressure and business demands.

In NutriAdmin's case, we are fortunate not to have many of the pressures that drive short-term thinking in other similar businesses. This allows us to focus on what is best for our customers in the long run.

Our main area of work is software, and our long-term perspective shows in all of the decisions we make about development:

  • We invest considerable resources in creating automated testing for our software so that new software updates don't disrupt existing users. We also put security first in everything we do.
  • We don't outsource our software development or customer support to part-time contractors or to anyone that doesn't have a long-term incentive. We do all of the critical development ourselves.
  • We choose to partner with technology companies with a long positive track record and high reputation, such as Google and Microsoft, as opposed to relying on partners without a track record.

At the end of the day, anything that is good for our customers will also be good for us, so the incentives are aligned for us to try to create as much value for nutrition professionals as possible. Not just today, but in the future as well.


Honesty is a word that has been thrown around by many companies for years to the point of almost losing its value in some cases. That said, we still believe honesty is crucial to our success, and that there is meaning in real honesty.

We want to provide a valuable service to our customers – a software tool that can solve real problems, and help our users be more successful.

That said, we are aware that we may not be able to always meet the requirements of everyone. Some users have specific needs we are not prepared to accommodate yet. If you are thinking about signing up and you ask us questions, we will try to give you all the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

If you use NutriAdmin and you find that you want to cancel your subscription for whatever reason, you can just click a button to unsubscribe. You don't have to call a phone number, or to take multiple complicated steps. It's as easy to sign up as it is to cancel.

We also don't lock users into long-term contracts, and we don't charge fees or penalties for switching plans or canceling. You can use the software for as much as you need to, and you can cancel when you don't need it anymore. You can also try NutriAdmin for free to see if it meets your requirements before paying anything.

We also don't believe in obscuring terms and content with jargon and difficult words. We try to speak and write in plain language everywhere across our website so that it's easy for anyone to understand our communications.

NutriAdmin Customer service

Another aspect of NutriAdmin that sets us apart from competitors is that we don't outsource out customer support. All customer support is done by the same developers that build the software.

What this means is that when you have a technical issue, you can rest assured that the person in charge of fixing your problem has in-depth knowledge of the software. We are able to fix most technical issues within a few hours. We also reply to almost all emails within 24 hours.

Also, if you need to discuss anything requiring management decisions, you will be able to contact a decision-maker directly, without the need to be transferred from department to department. We are just a small company, so most of the time you will be able to talk to one of the founders directly.

If you need anything from us, just click the blue "ask a question" box below or send us an email at support@nutriadmin.com.

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