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Keep all your client information in one secure, organized EHR designed for nutritionists & dietitians. No more messy client files. Create easy-to-follow meal plans in 60s to exceed your client's expectations and thrive with your nutrition practice.

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software for nutritionists and dietitians

Everything you need as a nutritionist or dietitian in a single platform

Are you worried about losing important client files, looking unprofessional, or failing to meet client expectations? Or maybe you have grown increasingly overworked over the years as you frantically try to keep track of the million admin tasks you have to do for every client in your nutrition practice?

If any of the above sounds familiar, then NutriAdmin is for you. We have built this software using the feedback of thousands of nutritionists and dietitians to solve all the challenges of running a nutrition practice. It's an all-in-one solution where you can keep track of all your client files over time in one secure, organized place. It's an EHR system designed specifically for you.

One of our users, Sarah, who is a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian in the USA, joined NutriAdmin when she was starting out with her practice. The software helped her provide professional-looking documents to clients, like meal plans, reports, and protocols, right from the beginning. Over time, she has been able to keep track of every client, building their record with all the relevant information so that no detail is missed, and so that she is always on top of each individual client's needs. She uses the app every day, and credits a lot of her success (and sanity) to it.


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NutriAdmin for nutritionists and dietitians

We have designed NutriAdmin to be an all-in-one solution for nutritionists and 
dietitians. Our goal is that you are able to do all your work in a single specialized 
app, removing the need of having to pay for multiple products.

What is software for nutritionists and dietitians?

NutriAdmin is a software for nutritionists and dietitians. This refers to an app that allows nutritionists and dietitians to do their professional work more effectively. The software includes features that help with admin, such as client records, appointments, payments, etc. On the other hand, nutrition-specific features like meal planning, recipes, and nutritional analysis are included too. If you work in nutrition, you can benefit from a product where every care and consideration has been made to cater to you, since nutrition professionals constitute the vast majority of our customers.

What does NutriAdmin offer to nutritionists

Some of the benefits you can get as a nutritionist

  • Manage complex client records with customizable nutrition fields
  • Set up as many nutrition questionnaires as you need
  • Make meal plans for clients in 60s with the meal plan generator
  • Schedule appointments and keep your calendar organized
  • Comply with HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations
  • Accept client payments and integrate with your own website
  • Create recipes, search the database, or generate them with AI
  • Build reports and protocols for clients, yourself, or doctors
  • Share documents securely via the client portal
  • And much more!
All in one software for nutritionists

Key features for nutritionists and dietitians

NutriAdmin offers many features to help you work more effectively. 
Here are four key features that make NutriAdmin excel specifically as a 
software for nutritionists and dietitians. You can also check all features.

Reviews from NutriAdmin users

Here are some real comments from our users working in nutrition 
It's a small sample, there is much more! We consistently get top reviews.

NutriAdmin reviews on Capterra NutriAdmin Capterra Reviews

NutriAdmin testimonial from Anke VanWaveren, registered dietitian

Anke Van Waveren - South Africa

Registered Dietitian


I absolutely love NutriAdmin and can not imagine doing my work without it. It has decreased the amount of repetitive admin that I do for clients tremendously!

I find NutriAdmin to be very user-friendly and I have been able to navigate on the website very easily from the start. Moreover, it was easy to set up with my Gmail and calendars. Once or twice I did need to contact support for help, and was assisted very fast, efficiently and friendly.

What I like most about this software is that you can create a personal portal for every client and that I am able to personalize diet plans with my own recipes or import it from any website.

I also love being able to add my own foods and recipes, since South African food products are what my clients want in their diet plans. I also like that NutriAdmin combines with my email for clients, keeping them up to date with appointments made with the confirmation emails (that can be personalized - bonus) as well as personalized emails to changes made to appointments and confirmation email in instances of cancellation. The feature where you can send a link to clients of available time slots to choose from is also very helpful.

NutriAdmin review from Ellie O'Connell, nutritionist at Ellie Jean Health

Ellie O'Connell - Australia

Sports Nutritionist - Ellie Jean Health


Best software I've tried! Overall NutriAdmin is great! I had a technical problem with an incorrect email, I needed help so emailed the team and they got back to me the same day with a solution. It has been great to use! Thank you for making this so easy.

I have tried a few different softwares, this one has been perfect! It is organized and is quick and easy to work. I love that I can use templates for questionnaires as well as tweak them or create my own and easily send them to my clients.

I was a bit hesitant to start with as I had tried a few that I thought were good and found out they had glitches or did not offer everything I needed. This software allows me to do everything with one software! the more I use it the more I love it!

In terms of cons: Nothing, everything has been easy to use and great! Maybe an added feature in The food diary. It would be handy if it accepted photos as I find this helpful as some clients don't write everything down. But just a suggestion and wouldn't say this is anything I don't like!

Ellie switched to NutriAdmin from Nutrium (a competitor) and has been a customer since 2021.

NutriAdmin review from elizabeth wolfe, nutritionist

Elizabeth Wolfe - USA

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


"I tried out the meal plan generator and it worked great! It is SO much better than others I have tried, and is a tool that makes me feel a lot more well-rounded for all clients' needs, so I appreciate all of your team's work to make it so customizable with lots of filters and great recipes! "

For context: Elizabeth had mentioned that often her clients ask for meal plans, but it takes too long to create whole plans manually from scratch. Also, it's hard to get recipes that fit in clients' lifestyles and are familiar enough so that they will actually cook them. The meal plan generator solves these problems.

NutriAdmin testimonial from Lucy Sugars, Registered Nutritional Therapist

Lucy Sugars - UK

Registered Nutritional Therapist
Personalized Nutrition


5-star review:

"Super fast and helpful for customer queries. NutriAdmin is fantastic, the executive is always really fast at replying to any queries I have and really helpful. It's easy to use, and has lots of useful features such as meal planning, clear reports, admin support and easy payments for clients to make"

Lucy has been using the software since 2018

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Ready to embrace the tranquility of an organized practice, bid farewell to the anxiety of losing important client files, and gain a clear understanding of where everything is? The time has come to exceed your client's expectations with NutriAdmin! Join the tens of thousands of nutritionists and wellness professionals that have tried NutriAdmin to date, benefitting from the best EHR for nutritionists out there.

We understand that nutritionists like you work in diverse settings, whether it's in independent practice, with public sector clients, or corporate partnerships. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. That's why we extend a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore NutriAdmin, customize the software, and see if it aligns with your needs. Furthermore, if you decide to subscribe to NutriAdmin and later change your mind, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Why not embark on this journey today?

Questions about NutriAdmin?

Read answers to common questions from nutritionists 
and dietitians about NutriAdmin here.

1. How does it compare with other nutritionist apps?

NutriAdmin consistently ranks at the top in terms of independent customer reviews. You don't have to take our word for it, you can check the guide on the best apps for nutritionists to learn more about how we justify the claim that we are amongst the best. We have collected verified, unbiased, third-party data that clearly shows NutriAdmin is a contender for the top software for nutritionists.

2. Is nutritional data in recipes accurate?

Yes. All of our recipes have been developed and reviewed by a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian. We have also used the USDA database to double-check the nutritional data of all recipes. We are confident that the nutritional data of all recipes is accurate. In the unlikely scenario a mistake is found in the data, we have processes in place to correct any inaccuracies fast, typically within 24 hours.

3. Is nutriAdmin HIPAA compliant?

We take security seriously. You can check all of our security/privacy related docs by clicking here. These include articles on HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, UK Data Protection Law, as well as others. We have a comprehensive variety of security measures in place, including backups, data encryption, employee training, processes, etc designed to keep your confidential client information secure and private and to ensure you remain compliant.

4. Will it work in my country?

Yes. We have customers from all over the world. Although the software is only offered in English, it is possible to translate foods and content to other languages. And given the fact that you can create custom foods and recipes, you can set up local products and dishes from your country. For example, you can read this success story from one of our users in South Africa. Finally, the meal plan builder allows you to select your region of the world and preferred cuisines, with dozens of options.

5. Can you import data from another system?

Yes. As you join for a free trial we will send you materials to help you import your clients, reports, questionnaires, etc. There are a variety of options available depending on your situation. You can also reach out to us directly asking for help if your situation specifics require so.

6. Is NutriAdmin easy to use?

Yes. Most new users learn how to use the software on their own and quickly. Typically, we get a few questions from users in the initial weeks, and that tends to suffice for most. The reason NutriAdmin is intuitive and easy to learn is because it has been built with the feedback of thousands of dietitians. All the fields and data you would expect are available in their proper places. We also have hundreds of step-by-step tutorials in our docs to help you learn.

7. What features are included?

We offer everything you need as a nutritionist or dietitian, including: client records, meal plans, a meal plan generator, nutrition analysis, recipe management, a recipes database and AI generator, questionnaires & notes, payments, calendar & appointments, telehealth, reports & templates, a client portal, reminders, and more! You can check the full features list for more information.

8. What career stage do you need to be at to use NutriAdmin?

NutriAdmin can work for everyone. From students, to new nutrition practices, to someone that has been consulting with clients for years, to someone running a team of nutrition professionals. We offer pricing plans that adapt to your client volume/career stage. You can check the pricing page to learn more. All plans include a 14-day free trial, and you can cancel/upgrade/downgrade anytime.

9. How would clients interact with me in NutriAdmin?

There are multiple ways. Firstly, you can generate professional-looking PDF documents with your brand for reports, recipes, and meal plans. Secondly, you can integrate NutriAdmin with your own website, or send emails from the software directly to handle payments, questionnaires, and appointments. Finally, we offer a client portal where clients can log in to their own private account to interact with you.

10. What if I have other questions?

Simply write on the Ask a Question blue box below, and we will get back to you asap, typically within 24 hours. Our customer support is rated 5 stars by virtually all our users, and we will always do our best to help you! This is whether you are considering trying NutriAdmin, or you are already a customer with questions on how to use NutriAdmin. To top it off, our data reveals that the software is so intuitive and easy-to-use that users rarely need to contact us at all!