NutriAdmin Use Cases overview

Learn who NutriAdmin is for, and how it can help different types of nutrition professionals. NutriAdmin has been built based on the feedback of thousands of people working in the nutrition and fitness industries. It is a specialized and premium product designed for someone like you.

For nutritionists & dietitians

  • Electronic Health Records for your clients' data.
  • No more messy files. All-in-one platform.
  • Pre-built data fields for nutritionists & dietitians.
  • Grow your nutrition practice.
nutritionist at work

For personal trainers

  • Ensure clients achieve their fitness goals.
  • Create meal plans in 60 seconds.
  • Track client anthropometrics over time.
  • Manage recipes and questionnaires effortlessly.
personal trainer with client

For health & fitness coaches

  • Create tailored meal plans with ease.
  • Track client goals over time.
  • Make it easy to follow up with clients.
  • Manage all your admin work in one place.
health coach with client

For nutrition teams

  • Seamless collaboration within your team.
  • Share clients, meal plans, and documents internally.
  • Consistent and professional client interface.
  • Cheaper than buying individual NutriAdmin subscriptions.
NutriAdmin for nutrition teams

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User testimonials

Read an example testimonial from a nutritionist, a personal trainer 
a coach and a nutrition team. NutriAdmin can work 
for a variety of nutrition professionals.

NutriAdmin reviews on Capterra NutriAdmin Capterra Reviews

testimonial paul foley

Paul Foley - UK

Nutritional Therapist & Practitioner

I thrust complex protocols together with the click of a mouse. This is the first system I have used. I used paperwork before and I was swimming, nay drowning in paperwork, so I had to do something different. NutriAdmin has changed my life!

success story NutriAdmin Marc detail

Marc Perry - USA

Certified Personal Trainer

Before NutriAdmin, we managed recipes and meal plans using excel or an online portal. Now, it's easier for us to create custom meal plan reports with NutriAdmin, send questionnaires, and manage the custom meal plan creation process. So it cuts down on time and helps us create a professional product.

Testimonial NutriAdmin Jaci Ivins detail

Jaci Irvings - USA

Lead Coach at Eat to Perform

Our company has been utilizing NutriAdmin for the past 4 years with our team of 10+ coaches. During this time NutriAdmin has supported our needs and has worked to continually improve their service. The platform allows for full customization and fine tuning of client meal plans. Our clients appreciate the various ways that they can access the information from their meal plans. NutriAdmin's customer service is top notch. They are extremely responsive and listen to our needs.

Testimonial NutriAdmin Randy Peterson detail

Randy Peterson - USA

Owner at Randy Peterson Fitness

(In response to a custom feature we implemented for the team)

You have saved us 45 minutes a day worth of work!! I can't tell you how much we appreciate this!! Now takes only a few minutes for us to do! Thank you very much for this!

Randy and his team of 10 coaches have been using NutriAdmin since 2020 to streamline their business. NutriAdmin works best for teams as it removes duplication of effort and allows for seamless collaboration.