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NutriAdmin is a top-rated software for nutritionists. We collect NutriAdmin reviews from our users, and we have some of the highest reviews in the industry! We are consistently rated 5 stars by the majority of our users, and there are several reasons to argue that NutriAdmin is amongst the best apps for nutritionists.

The above being said, you don't have to take our word for it. NutriAdmin collects reviews in Capterra, which is the leading platform for reviewing professional software products. You can check up-to-date NutriAdmin reviews by clicking the button below.

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Below is a small selection of real user reviews from Capterra. You can check Capterra for more details.

Testimonial from Meaghan Lane, dietitian

Meaghan Lane - Canada

Vaudreuil & West Island Nutrition


5-star review titled Great electronic medical record for dietitians:

"Overall NutriAdmin has helped streamline our clinic and is a great asset to us. It has a great customizable interface, and it is easy to use to keep track of patient files and provide meal plans."

Meaghan has been using NutriAdmin non-stop since 2016! She has used the software both on her own, and as part of a team.

recipes software testimonial from Rebecca Varcoe, nutritionist

Rebecca Varcoe - Australia

Nutritionist & Healthy Food Expert
Informed Health


Customer review about NutriAdmin, mentioning recipes:

"NutriAdmin makes the process of creating eating plans A LOT easier to tailor to my clients. I love that I can add my recipes and the software analyzes the macronutrients. This means I can easily add my recipes to my clients meal plans then adjust their macronutrients to their individual needs. "

success story from personal trainer NutriAdmin Marc detail

Marc Perry - USA

Certified Personal Trainer


"Before NutriAdmin, we managed recipes and meal plans using excel or an online portal. Now, it's easier for us to create custom meal plan reports with NutriAdmin, send questionnaires, and manage the custom meal plan creation process. So it cuts down on time and helps us create a professional product. "

NutriAdmin testimonial from Lucy Sugars, Registered Nutritional Therapist

Lucy Sugars - UK

Registered Nutritional Therapist
Personalized Nutrition


5-star review:

"Super fast and helpful for customer queries. NutriAdmin is fantastic, the executive is always really fast at replying to any queries I have and really helpful. It's easy to use, and has lots of useful features such as meal planning, clear reports, admin support and easy payments for clients to make"

Lucy has been using the software since 2018

Are NutriAdmin reviews on Capterra reliable?

Capterra specializes in reviews for software products. As such, users leaving a review can rate specific software product aspects, such as:

  • Features, and comparisons with competitors
  • Customer support
  • Pricing, value for money, and free trial info
  • Learning curve

This makes the reviews far more relevant than a simple text review on a generic reviews site like an app store, Trustpilot, or Google reviews. You can actually read and compare specific aspects of a software product that most people care about.

Moreover, reviews at Capterra can be trusted because:

  • The Capterra team independently confirm that the users submitting a review are real
  • The real life identity of the person submitting the review is verified
  • Only users of the software can review the product
  • Vendors (i.e. the companies being reviewed) cannot edit or delete negative reviews

Capterra is an impartial third-party site, and they make their money by providing trustworthy reviews. When you google a software product's name on Google plus the word reviews you are likely to find Capterra at the top of the search results. You can read about Capterra's QA and verification process

How NutriAdmin compares to competitors

The vast majority of NutriAdmin's competitors are also reviewed in Capterra. This makes Capterra a level playing field where you can compare companies and products like with like.

Check our NutriAdmin alternatives and comparisons page for an in-depth analysis on how NutriAdmin compares to other options.