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Generate any recipe you want using AI. The AI recipe generator produces accurate nutritional analysis, photography, ingredients, and cooking instructions all in 60 seconds. Powered by ChatGPT/OpenAI.

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AI recipe generator for nutritionists and personal trainers

How much time do you spend finding recipes for your clients? What about verifying nutritional information? Isn't it just tedious to have to find a custom recipe for every meal for every client? Many nutritionists and personal trainers resort to re-using a small number of recipe ideas with many clients because having to create personalized versions for each individual is simply not feasible.

Well NutriAdmin solves these problems with the AI Recipe generator. This is a tool where you can enter a simple prompt, such as "give me a Mediterranean chicken recipe with plenty of vegetables, oven baked and ready in 25 min", then get your recipe on the spot! The whole process takes 60 seconds, and you can ask for anything you want. NutriAdmin will even generate cooking instructions, analyze the nutrients, and allow you to generate an image for the recipe. It's all the power of ChatGPT coupled with verified nutrition data you can trust.

Our users include nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness professionals that need to make quality recipes for their clients. For instance, Jack, a personal trainer, typically resorted to grabbing random recipes from the internet to assemble into plans, but that process was laborious and the results were not consistent. Now, thanks to NutriAdmin, he can create any recipe for any client almost instantly!

Nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness professionals

Designed for the work you do

NutriAdmin has been built specifically for nutritionists, coaches, personal trainers, and wellness professionals.

We have collected the feedback of thousands of nutrition professionals over the years to make sure the software meets your needs.

Although anyone can generate recipes with the software, you will benefit the most from the product if you work in nutrition, wellness, or fitness.


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Learn how the AI recipe generator works

The AI recipe generator uses ChatGPT from OpenAI, connected 
to our verified nutrition database to enable fast, professional recipe creation.

What is an AI recipe generator?

An AI recipe generator is a software product that allows you to create recipes using artificial intelligence. You can specify the ingredients, cooking methods, and other aspects of the recipe, and the software will generate a recipe for you. The final recipe will include nutritional analysis, a list of ingredients, cooking instructions, and an image of the final dish. NutriAdmin provides an AI recipe generator as part of our software offering for nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness professionals.

ChatGPT/Open AI recipe generator at a glance

A summary of what you can do with the generator

  • Describe any recipe you want and generate in seconds
  • Specify any ingredients, diets, and cuisines you want
  • Ask for specific cooking equipment/cooking time
  • Get multiple recipe image versions to choose from
  • Download the recipe as a sleek PDF with custom formatting
  • Add your own branding and use the recipe without attribution
  • Import recipes from text, Word or PDF files
  • Complete macro and micronutrient analysis included
  • Use our meal planning software to assemble recipes into plans
  • And much more!
AI recipe generator example

How to generate a recipe step by step

It's easy and can take as little as 60 seconds!

  1. 1. Type the name of the dish or ingredients you want
  2. 2. Optionally specify cooking time and equipment
  3. 3. Click the Generate Recipe with AI button
  4. 4. Review the result tweak ingredients if desired
  5. 5. Generate a recipe image with AI using DallE
  6. 6. Pick amongst the 4 generated images
  7. 7. Review the final result and customize if needed
  8. 8. Your recipe is ready! Click here for an example of a generated recipe

Once your recipe is ready you will be able to:

  1. Use it as it is, or edit the recipe to customize it
  2. Download a branded PDF/Use the recipe in a meal plan
  3. Get macro/micronutrient analysis and DRIs
Recipe Nutrient Analysis

Watch the AI recipe generator in action

Watch this short video demo to learn

  • Who the AI recipe generator is for
  • How you can benefit from using it
  • How it works, start to finish
  • An example of generating a recipe
  • How the final recipe looks like
AI Recipe Generator Youtube Video

Hear it from our happy customers

Here are some real comments our users are saying about 
the AI recipe generator. It's a small sample, there is much more! 
We have users all over the world from every walk of life.

NutriAdmin reviews on Capterra NutriAdmin Capterra Reviews

recipes testimonial from shigufta hussain, womens holistic health coach

Shigufta Hussain - UK

Women's holistic health coach
Emerald Health and Wellbeing


Customer 5-star review after using NutriAdmin for months:

"I am very new in my business and soon to launch! I have checked many nutritional software sites - the others were missing major components that I needed! The templates, the nutritional database, meal planner, recipe database - NutriAdmin is my favorite! The deciding factor to use NutriAdmin was the recipe database! This feature will help me with time! Time = money"

Shigufta likes several aspects of the software, including the recipes. You can not only generate recipes with AI, but also query a recipes database, or create your own from scratch!

ai recipe generator testimonial from Debbie Davidson, nutrition coach

Debbie Davidson - USA

Nutrition Coach - Nourish to Flourish


5-star review mentioning NutriAdmin pros:

"There is so much I can do, I love the information it includes to give to clients, I love all the choices of recipes, once you get to know the program I am discovering how much I can do, I seem to learn something new often. And the tutorials are a big help. "

For context: Debbie has used NutriAdmin for over 2 years.

NutriAdmin testimonial from Michael Halcoop, nutritional therapist at Bear Nutrition

Michael Halcoop - UK

Nutritional Therapist - Bear Nutrition


5-star review for NutriAdmin:

"The sign-up process was easy & I have been very happy so far with both the Nutriadmin software & the service received. The software is well laid out & has everything needed to store client details safely, create recipes, meal plans, questionnaires & automatic emails. Everything can be easily shared with clients either via the online portal or using direct links. Meal plans & reports can be downloaded as a PDF to be sent manually, which is useful. The meal plan generator is really handy & allows basic meal plans with recipes to be very quickly generated, there is a wide range of pre-set diets to base the meal plan on. The recipe database is very good & has plenty of options, plus the ability to import recipes from a url."

Great testimonial about NutriAdmin from Kate Irvine, mind-state and nutrition mentior from New Zealand

Kate Irvine - New Zealand

Mind-state & Nutrition Mentor


5-star review:

"Within a busy role of making custom-made plans, NutriAdmin allows me to save SO much time upon working out the macro and micronutrient values for my clients. This has been essential to not only my success of being able to take on more clients but also for my clients as they have a more comprehensive plan that maximizes results. One of the best aspects of NutriAdmin is the macro and micro breakdown in recipes supplied, but also that I can create my own through URL or custom. Adding my own custom foods easily too is a plus. "

The recipes software at NutriAdmin allows many options for interacting with recipes that our users love. From the option to create them from scratch, to browsing an extensive database, to importing recipes from a website, and of course the AI recipe generator

Try the AI recipe generator for free

Tired of wasting time finding the right recipes, or creating them from scratch? Fed up with subpar recipes from the web? You can now become far more effective and use the AI recipe generator at NutriAdmin to start growing your practice/business. Just imagine the power of making any recipe, with analysis and to a professional standard in just 60 seconds!

We offer you a 14-day free trial so that you can check out the recipe generator by yourself, without having to commit to anything. You can try creating some sample recipes, and decide if NutriAdmin meets your needs. Moreover, if you pay for the software and then change your mind, we also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose!

Questions about NutriAdmin?

Read answers to common questions 
about the AI recipe generator here.

1. Can I sell recipes made with NutriAdmin?

Yes! We don't add any watermarks to the recipes, and you can download them as PDF files with your branding, or include them on meal plans to share with your clients. This is assuming that your local laws permit you to provide recipes to clients. You can share recipes on social media, print them, etc. There are no copyright concerns with the images as these are generated by AI.

2. How are nutrients calculated in recipes?

We use a variety of nutrition databases, including USDA and others. We also have an algorithm that matches ingredients in a generated recipe with items in the database. This results in an accurate representation of the nutrients for every recipe you generate. You never have to spend hours calculating nutrients manually on an Excel spreadsheet. The whole analysis for macros/micros is done for you.

3. How complicated are the recipes?

It depends. In general, the recipe generator will produce recipes that are easy to follow. Prep instructions are itemized in a simple list and described in clear language. The goal with NutriAdmin is to facilitate changing the habits of clients for the better, so the recipes will typically be simple and straightforward. Conversely, if you want more sophisticated recipes you can also ask the AI recipe generator for that.

4. Which countries are supported?

The AI recipe generator is available in English, and you can generate recipes from any cuisine, or country. It works best for English-speaking countries, but you can also try creating recipes from other regions of the world.

5. How many recipes can I generate?

As many as you want. We provide the recipe generator as an add-on to any NutriAdmin plan. It costs around USD$0.10 to generate a recipe with an image. You can check the add-on pricing page for details. Every plan includes the ability to generate your first 5 recipes for free, so you can use that allowance as a free trial to test it out before you buy.

6. How is it better from ChatGPT?

NutriAdmin extends the capabilities of ChatGPT by providing nutritional analysis on the recipes you generate. Moreover, the software allows you to produce beautiful PDF documents without effort, and to include the recipes into full meal plans. NutriAdmin is much more than a recipe generator though, it's an all-in-one solution for nutritionists and personal trainers. It's a full solution for wellness, as opposed to just an AI tool.

7. Can I edit generated recipes?

Yes! You can tweak every single aspect of the recipes you generate, including the name, ingredients, comments, picture, prep instructions, cooking time, servings, etc. Moreover, when you generate a PDF for your recipe, you can customize the fonts, colors, tables, etc. You can make all your recipes have a consistent look to go along with your brand and look professional.

8. Can I make variations of recipes?

Yes. This tends to be a good idea to save time. You can generate a recipe fully, then copy it and make a small change, e.g. replacing meat for tofu to create a vegetarian option for the recipe. You can also make variations for smaller/larger sizes, so that you always have the right recipe for each client.

9. How is it better than competitors?

The recipe generator is powered by OpenAI / ChatGPT, coupled with a powerful recipe editor. You can benefit from a polished product that has been improving since it was first launched in 2016. Finally, the feedback of thousands of nutrition and wellness professionals like you has been incorporated in the software to make NutriAdmin the best AI recipe generator.

10. Can I ask other questions?

Of course! Simply write on the Ask a Question blue box below, and we will get back to you asap, typically within 24 hours. Our customer support is rated 5 stars by virtually all our users, and we will always do our best to help you! You can ask about the AI recipe generator or about anything else.