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NutriAdmin Free Tools

We have a free nutrition formulas calculator available to the public.

The calculator allows you to enter someone's basic anthropometric data, such as weight, height, physical activity level, body fat, etc. These values are used to determine formulas relevant in nutrition such as:

  • BMI
  • BMR - using different formulas
  • Protein requirement per day

Status Page

We use a service called site24x7 to automatically monitor our website uptime.

NutriAdmin is a very stable website. We tipically maintain around 99.98% availability in any given year, with just around 1.5 hours of unplanned downtime for any given year.

You can check our status page below. You can also bookmark the page and check anytime you are unable to connect to NutriAdmin to see if our page is down, or if there is an issue in your own device/network

NutriAdmin Podcast

NutriAdmin produces a podcast for nutritionists and dietitians discussion professional topics.

In the podcast, we interview nutrition experts, and distill the latest nutrition research down into neat summaries. We also talk about marketing, how to grow your nutrition business/practice, and other topics of interest. If you are a nutritionist or dietitian you should check it out!

What do people say about NutriAdmin

Some links to some useful resources that may be of interest if you want to learn more about NutriAdmin from some of our user's perspective.

  • NutriAdmin user success stories – A series of detailed interviews we have conducted with some of our users explaining how NutriAdmin benefits them. There are a wide range of nutrition professionals all around the world using NutriAdmin. Read about their experiences and how the software can help you too.
  • NutriAdmin reviews at Capterra – Capterra is a high-quality site for software reviews since the team there screens each review submitted to ensure no fake reviews are published. Some of our users have written reviews at Capterra explaining the pros and cons of using NutriAdmin.