NutriAdmin alternatives and comparisons

By Diego Oliveira Sanchez, NutriAdmin Co-founder. Last updated: April 2024

It's no secret that there are alternatives to NutriAdmin. If you are considering using our nutrition software you may wonder, how does NutriAdmin compare to competitors?

If you search online you will find possibly dozens of NutriAdmin alternatives. It can be dizzying, sorting through all the options and finding the one that is best for you and your work.

In order to help you make your decision on which software to use, we have compiled a series of in-depth nutrition software comparisons. These have taken significant time and resources to compile, they are well-researched and unbiased.

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Finding the best apps for you

We have compiled in-depth and well researched guides on the best apps for a few relevant categories. You can access them below:

NutriAdmin comparison to alternatives

Below is a summary table on how NutriAdmin compares with competitors. You can click on any of the competitor's names to read an in-depth comparison. We update this table every 3 months. If you work for any of the companies mentioned, and you feel we have represented you inaccurately, please reach out and we will correct any errors.

Please be aware you can use services like Capterra to make your own comparisons. Also note that these comparison tables are imperfect as some products may be more expensive but provide better features, or some products may be better suited to a specific niche use case.

Reviews shown below are collected from Capterra unless otherwise stated. Capterra is the leading and most reliable reviews sites for software products. Please note, some of the apps may also have reviews on other platforms.

ProductTrialFree planStart priceMid priceFeature focus & Target marketRating# Reviews
NutriAdmin14dYes$25/mo$50/moPractice management & meal plans. Nutritionists, coaches, personal trainers4.7/5122
Nutrium14dNoN/A †N/APractice management & meal plans. Nutrition professionals4.2/537
Practice Better14dYes$25/mo$89/moPractice management & client engagement. Health & wellness professionals4.7/531
Evolution NutritionNoNo$59/mo$89/moMeal plans. Personal trainers4.3/511
Foodzilla10dNo$29/mo$39/moMeal plans & progress tracking. Nutritionists & coaches4.3/522
Eat this Much14dNo$49/mo ††$59/moMeal plans. Individuals, fitness & health professionals4.7/520,107*
Nutritics7dNo$19/mo †††$35/moNutrition analysis. Hospitality, hospitals, research, sports4.1/523
Healthie14dYes$49/mo$129/moPractice management. Health professionals and larger enterprise4.3/570
That Clean LifeNoNo$30/mo$60/moNutrition planning. Health professionals4.6/549**
Cliniko30dYes ‡$45/mo$95/moPractice management. Clinics & health Practitioners4.7/520
SimplePractice30dNo$29/mo$69/moPractice Management. Therapists & allied health practitioners4.6/52,650
Kalix Health30dYes ‡‡$27/mo$47/moPractice management. Nutritionists & health professionalsN/A0 ***
ABC Trainerize30dYes$10/mo ††††$45/moClient management. Personal trainers & coaches4.5/5691
Nutrition Maker14dNo$15/mo †††††$45/moMeal planning & progress tracking. Nutritionists & dietitians4.3/516

* Eat this Much is primarily an app for individuals, and their main reviews are in the Apple app store.

** That Clean Life's main reviews are in G2Crowd, which is similar to Capterra.

*** No third-party reviews available. Kalix collects testimonials on their own page.

† Nutrium doesn't publish their pricing publicly.

†† Eat this Much's prices shown for their Pro edition. Their main focus is on consumers/individuals.

††† Health edition plan. Nutritics offer many plans for different end user types.

†††† 2 clients total only in this plan.

††††† 5 clients total only in this plan.

‡ Cliniko's free plan is for charities only.

‡‡ Kalix's free plan is for partner universities and training programs only.

Note on badge colors, criteria, and scores

When comparing NutriAdmin alternatives, we want to use a consistent score system. All prices are rounded for ease of comparison. To score green, amber, red in the table above the following criteria are used for all products:

Free trialNo free trial offered13-day or shorter free trial14-day or longer free trial
Free planNo free planFree with specific conditions: charities, students, etcFree plan option for everyone
Start price$40/mo or above or not publicly availableBetween $30-$39/mo$29/mo or less
Mid price - the most popular package$61/mo or above or not publicly availableBetween $41-$60/mo$40/mo or less
RatingBelow 4.3/54.3/5 or above4.7/5 or above
# ReviewsFewer than 3030 or above100 or above

Why should I trust software comparisons from NutriAdmin?

Any time you see a company showing data comparing competitors you should be skeptical. That is because the company will be biased and have an incentive to present themselves favorably versus alternatives. This list of NutriAdmin alternatives is no exception.

In order to remove the bias as much as possible, all of our comparisons are based on:

  • Objective data compiled directly from competitors, including features, pricing and other verifiable data
  • Third-party verified reviews to assess how good a particular software is
  • We filter out irrelevant apps or apps that are obsolete or have stopped being updated

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with as much accurate information as we can so that you know what the different options for software are. Once equipped with this information, it will be up to you to make an informed decision as to which app works best for you.

We encourage you to educate yourself and learn as much as you can about the different software options out there. There is no best software for everyone. Rather, depending on what you need, your budget, goals, profession, etc, some options may be better than others.