The Nutritionist Podcast

Here at NutriAdmin we are passionate about helping nutritionists and dietitians in any way we can. We do this mainly with our software for nutritionists, but we can help in other ways too.

By talking to thousands of people in the nutrition industry, we have found that there is demand for an educational resource to talk about many professional topics including:

  • Distilling the latest research papers into easily digestible summaries, done by a qualified nutritionist. This is so that you can keep current effectively from a trusted source.
  • Business topics: E.g. if you run your private practice, how to get more clients, increase your reach, do online marketing, etc.
  • Expert interviews: We can talk to experienced nutritionists within our network and ask them questions about their career. Imagine learning from people doing what you are trying to do but a few years ahead in the path.

Moreover, with this podcast we also want to provide a platform for nutritionists and dietitians to speak to the world. If you collaborate with us, you can increase your reach, build up your reputation, and help us build an amazing community where we all benefit.

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The nutritionist podcast

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Why a new podcast?

There are a gazillion podcasts about nutrition in general, but these are almost all targeting the general public. What we are trying to do here is different. We want to grow a professional nutritionist podcast. The target audience is mainly nutrition professionals.

Given that our software has been used by thousands of nutritionists since 2016, we have built many relationships with experts in the industry. This allows us to reach out to nutrition lecturers, practitioners, researchers, etc within our network to bring them as guests.

As our podcast grows, we plan to interview experts on all things nutrition, ranging from the latest research topics to practical questions on running a business. If you have a nutrition background and you want to participate, feel free to use the Ask a question blue box in the bottom right corner of the screen to reach out.

We believe that with our passion for nutrition, and the relationships we are building with nutritionists and dietitians, we can together create a great educational resource for anyone interested in nutrition as their profession.

We won't have to waste time explaining basic concepts like what are macronutrients. This podcast will be hosted by a nutritionist and we will collect feedback from our audience on which topics are of interest. If you are a nutritionist and want to improve your professional skills, this is the podcast for you!

Ready to join us in this journey?