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Unlock seamless collaboration in your team, managing nutrition clients, appointments, and creating recipes and meal plans with ease. Provide your clients with a consistent and professional interface and documents. NutriAdmin is the ultimate nutrition team software.

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wellness and nutrition teams software

The ultimate software for nutrition teams

Have you grown your team of coaches or nutritionists over the years? Do you handle a high volume of clients seeking nutrition/coaching advice? Are you tired of wasting time in repetitive tasks, or having multiple people reinventing the wheel and being inefficient? Have you ever thought, "if only there was a system or process so that my team could collaborate seamlessly and produce consistent quality work for clients".

Well, NutriAdmin is the solution to your problems. It is a software for nutrition teams that work together. Whether your team is made up of nutritionists, coaches, or assistants in any combination, you can all collaborate together in NutriAdmin to get things done. From meal plans, to keeping client records, pooling resources such as company handouts, managing documents, it is all much simpler when using NutriAdmin!

We have had several teams join NutriAdmin over the years. For instance, Jack joined back in 2020 and runs a team of 10 coaches. NutriAdmin has allowed them to create 50-60 meal plans for clients per week, helping them grow their business. The branding is consistent and professional, and the team can specialize and collaborate seamlessly. Everything is always in the right place and easy to find, even after growing to have over ten thousand clients in the system.


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NutriAdmin for nutrition and wellness teams

NutriAdmin brings the most value as a software for nutrition teams. 
As a team, you can benefit from volume discount pricing, and allow your team to 
collaborate, sharing content and working on client cases together.

What is a nutrition team software?

NutriAdmin is a software for nutrition and wellness teams. The software allows teams of coaches, nutritionists, or wellness professionals to collaborate together. Collaboration extends to handling appointments with multiple schedules, creating/sharing recipes and meal plans, and working together on multiple client records over time. When using NutriAdmin, your team can automatically share the work they do with peers. For example, one nutritionist can create some recipes that the rest of the team can then use, eliminating duplication of effort and keeping the brand consistent.

What does NutriAdmin offer to nutrition teams

Benefits for nutrition teams using NutriAdmin

  • Share client records amongst team members seamlessly
  • Central repository for templates, recipes, and meal plans
  • Efficient division of labor and delegation of tasks
  • Increased team visibility and audit trails
  • Volume pricing discount built in into the price
  • Ability to keep individual calendars or to combine them
  • Consistent branding in all emails and documents produced
  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • All NutriAdmin features included in the business plan
  • And much more!
All in one software for nutritionists

Key features for nutrition and wellness teams

NutriAdmin offers many features to help you work more effectively. 
Here are four key features that make NutriAdmin excel specifically as a 
software for nutrition and wellness teams. You can also check all features.

Reviews from NutriAdmin users

Here are some real comments from our users working in nutrition teams 
It's a small sample, there is much more! We consistently get top reviews.

NutriAdmin reviews on Capterra NutriAdmin Capterra Reviews

Testimonial NutriAdmin Jaci Ivins detail

Jaci Irvings - USA

Lead Coach at Eat to Perform


"Our company has been utilizing NutriAdmin for the past 4 years with our team of 10+ coaches. During this time NutriAdmin has supported our needs and has worked to continually improve their service. The platform allows for full customization and fine tuning of client meal plans. Our clients appreciate the various ways that they can access the information from their meal plans. NutriAdmin's customer service is top notch. They are extremely responsive and listen to our needs."

Testimonial NutriAdmin nutrition team Randy Peterson detail

Randy Peterson - USA

Owner at Randy Peterson Fitness


(In response to a custom feature we implemented for the team)

"You have saved us 45 minutes a day worth of work!! I can't tell you how much we appreciate this!! Now it only takes a few minutes for us to do it! Thank you very much for this!"

Randy and his team of 10 coaches have been using NutriAdmin since 2020 to streamline their business. NutriAdmin works best for teams as it removes duplication of effort and allows for seamless collaboration.

testimonial from Kristen Richardson of PrimeLife Nutrition

Kristen Richardson - USA

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist
PrimeLife Nutrition


"I LOVE that as a dietitian, I have the ability to create meal plans for my clients. Meal plans have always been something that clients ask me for, and it takes a tremendous amount of time and thought to create one. Thanks to NutriAdmin's meal planning feature, I'm able to create custom meal plans that either incorporate personalized recipes or a general plan that accommodates macros and calories. I also like that emails are sent to confirm appointments and anytime something is changed with an appointment."

Kristen has been a user since 2018 and manages a team of 5 nutritionists in NutriAdmin.

nutrition team software NutriAdmin Catherine Jeans detail

Catherine Jeans - UK

Nutritional Therapist
Family Nutrition Expert


We asked Catherine: "Do you work with any teammates? How does NutriAdmin facilitate teamwork and reduce hassle for you and your team?"

"I have a PA -that means that I don't have to be totally responsible for booking my clients myself, I have someone who can book in my clients for me, and help me manage my diary, which is really helpful for me. That's what brought me to NutriAdmin in the first place. When I let them know that's what I needed they very quickly made that option available -because initially they didn't have that function. I let them know that my PA and I might be working with the same clients and now they've created a team package which gets over that problem. I can be writing notes for clients while my PA sorts out the booking for the next appointment, for example, which is really useful."

Catherine has been using NutriAdmin along her PA since 2017

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Are efficiency and effectiveness grinding to a halt the more your team grows? Are things getting a bit out of control and messy? You now have the opportunity to experience the peace of mind of having your whole team seamlessly collaborating in NutriAdmin.

You can get started with a 14-day free trial on any business plan, with any number of users to accommodate your team. Or, if you prefer, you can do a trial on your own and later contact us to switch your plan to a business subscription enabling multiple users. The choice is yours. In any case, we not only have a free trial available, but also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! Sign up today and take the first step in growing your business/practice the right way!

Questions about NutriAdmin?

Read answers to common questions from nutritionists 
and dietitians about NutriAdmin here.

1. How does it compare with other nutritionist apps?

NutriAdmin consistently ranks at the top in terms of independent customer reviews. You don't have to take our word for it, you can check the guide on the best apps for nutritionists to learn more about how we justify the claim that we are amongst the best. We have collected verified, unbiased, third-party data that clearly shows NutriAdmin is a contender for the top software for nutritionists.

2. Is nutritional data in recipes accurate?

Yes. All of our recipes have been developed and reviewed by a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian. We have also used the USDA database to double-check the nutritional data of all recipes. We are confident that the nutritional data of all recipes is accurate. In the unlikely scenario a mistake is found in the data, we have processes in place to correct any inaccuracies fast, typically within 24 hours.

3. How does team sharing work?

There are two main options. By default, all documents are shared automatically so that the team can collaborate. This means anyone in the team can work on the same client records, meal plans, reports, etc. On the other hand, you can set NutriAdmin up so that only the owner or a record can edit it. You can check this tutorial for more information.

4. Will it work in my country?

Yes. We have customers from all over the world. Although the software is only offered in English, it is possible to translate foods and content to other languages. And given the fact that you can create custom foods and recipes, you can set up local products and dishes from your country. For example, you can read this success story from one of our users in South Africa. Finally, the meal plan builder allows you to select your region of the world and preferred cuisines, with dozens of options.

5. How do you manage team members?

As the business owner or administrator, you can sign up for a NutriAdmin business plan. You will then be able to add/remove team members and change your plan over time. You can also reach out to customer support anytime to make changes. The following article explains the topic in more depth.

6. How is the business plan for teams priced?

The business plan allows you to have multiple team members using the software. The price is proportional to the volume of clients and the number of users in your plan. You can check the pricing page and use the provided pricing calculator to check how much NutriAdmin would cost for your team. You can upgrade/downgrade anytime as your team expands or shrinks.

7. Are there any volume discounts available?

Yes, the business plan pricing includes a discount. E.g. Buying a business plan for 2 users is cheaper than buying 2 separate individual subscriptions to NutriAdmin with equivalent features. We also offer a large client number volume discount, you can check the pricing for business plans in NutriAdmin guide for more info.

8. Can we share login credentials?

When you sign up for a business plan, every member of your team gets their own, personal login credentials. This allows you to keep an audit trail and to assign the work done in NutriAdmin to each contributor. You should not share login credentials amonst multiple people as this is a security risk and may result in data loss or technical glitches. You can read this article to learn more.

9. How does scheduling work for a team?

You can configure scheduling in many ways. I.e. one single master schedule where all clients go to, with appointments assigned to any available contributor. Or, alternatively, separate schedules for each team member, with some calendar/events shared. You can reach out to us by clicking the Ask a Question blue box below and present your use case so that we can better advise you. The calendar functionality is flexible and can accommodate many use patterns.

10. What if I have other questions?

Simply write on the Ask a Question blue box below, and we will get back to you asap, typically within 24 hours. Our customer support is rated 5 stars by virtually all our users, and we will always do our best to help you! This is whether you are considering trying NutriAdmin, or you are already a customer with questions on how to use NutriAdmin. To top it off, our data reveals that the software is so intuitive and easy-to-use that users rarely need to contact us at all!