If you work within a team, or have a personal assistant that manages your schedule and paperwork, you may want to have several people accessing the same NutriAdmin account to manage different aspects of your work.

For example, if you are a nutritionist, you may want to focus on client note taking and meal planning, whilst perhaps your personal assistant works on billing clients, and scheduling appointments.

The best way for multiple people to work together as a team in NutriAdmin, and to divide different tasks, is to subscribe to a business plan. A business plan allows organizations to grant different NutriAdmin accounts (with their own email/password login) to different team members.

You can learn more about business plans and pricing at https://nutriadmin.com/pricing

On the other hand, it is possible, theoretically, for two different people to share the same login details and to connect simultaneously using the same NutriAdmin account from different devices. This is not recommended and should be avoided.

When two people connect using the same login, there can be a variety of problems:

  • One user can overwrite the other user's data when clicking on any save button throughout the software.
  • If there is a problem there is no way to track which user created the problem.
  • There can be a variety of unexpected errors, such as being automatically logged out.
  • Security issues, such as different people having access to the same billing details, shared account password, and same client confidential records.

NutriAdmin's accounts have been designed to be used by a single individual only, so, if you work with a team, you should consider subscribing to a business plan so that each team member has access to their own account.