When using the AI recipe generator, you will use recipe queries as tokens to compute your usage. You can subscribe to the AI recipes add-on starting at USD$2.00/month for the ability to generate up to 20 recipes per month using artificial intelligence.

Each time you use the AI service, we need to use OpenAI's API to compute your results, and this third-party service charges us for it based on volume. We will compute:

  • 0.5 queries for generating a successful recipe description, including ingredients, instructions and a title
  • 0.5 queries for generating a set of 4 images, where you can pick one to represent your recipe

So this means that, if you generate a recipe and pick an image, this counts as 0.5+0.5 = 1 recipe query. If you do this 20 times you will end up with 20 AI-generated recipes fitting within your limit of 20 recipes per month with the add-on.

If you need to generate more recipes than 20, you can purchase as many units of the add-on as you need.

Every time you generate images you will consume 0.5 recipe queries. So, for instance, if you generate images, you don't like the results and go back to generate them again, this will count as 0.5 + 0.5 = 1 recipe queries. Likewise, if you skip generating an image (i.e. because you plan to upload your own) then you can save those credits.