NutriAdmin grants you access to a large database of 360,000+ recipes. You can query those recipes and use them exactly as they are, but there is also the possibility of editing and customizing them.

Note: You can only customize recipes from the database when you are in the recipe editor. You cannot modify a recipe once it has been added to a meal plan.

The following tutorial explains step-by-step how to customize recipes from the database.

Step 1: Go to Recipes & Foods.

recipes and foods menu

Step 2: Click on New Recipe.

new recipe button

Step 3: Click on Search Recipe Database....

search recipe database

Step 4: Enter a query and search. In this example, we will search for quinoa salad.

quinoa salad recipe search

Step 5: Find the recipe you want to use amongst the available options. Click Select once you are ready.

selecting a recipe amongst options

Step 6: Wait for your recipe to load. Then, proceed to edit your recipe. You can change the name, servings, ingredients, instructions, etc.

editing a recipe

Step 7: Once you are done editing your recipe, click on Save Recipe to record your changes.

save recipe button

Your recipe will be saved (including your customizations) and you will now be able to use it on meal plans.

To use the recipe you have just saved on a meal plan, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a meal plan and click on the plus symbol to add foods to a meal plan. Then, click on Add Recipe.

adding a recipe to a meal plan button

Step 2: Click on Use my own recipe. This will allow you to choose the recipe you have edited. If you choose Search database for a recipe, then you will get the original recipe without your edits.

using own recipe in meal plan

Step 3: Find your recipe and click on Add to meal plan.

adding recipe to mealp plan action