There should be a delete button next to most images in the software. The method below is a workaround just for the cases where this is not available

Sometimes, you may want to make sure that a recipe does not have an image of any kind- but it may be the case that there is no "delete" button available to remove the image.

In those cases, there is a workaround, which is to upload a 1 pixel by 1 pixel white jpg image. This image will be invisible in any documents generated by the software as just a single white pixel will combine with the background of the document and be indiscernible.

You can create this pixel image yourself, or - alternatively - you can right-click the gray square underneath, and select Save image as or download image to get it. The image below is a 1px white JPG with a large gray border so that it is easy to select (the border won't be visible once you upload the image).

white pixel

Once you have your image in your computer, you can upload it to a recipe/report/logo to replace the existing file.