If you are having issues with the Dropbox integration with NutriAdmin, including:

  • Getting error messages when trying to access files
  • Not able to upload new files to client records
  • Previously uploaded files are not showing

You can try to reconnect your Dropbox account to troubleshoot the issue. Please follow these steps to do so:

  1. Log in to dropbox (at https://dropbox.com) in your browser, and ensure you can see the NutriAdmin files in your account. They should be under Apps > NutriAdmin (or something similar). Each client should have a folder with their unique id.
  2. Once you confirm you have the files in dropbox, please note which account you are logged into. You can click your name on the top right (or similar) to check your dropbox email.
  3. Now, log out of NutriAdmin if you are currently logged in (by clicking your name on the top right), then log back in again. If you are not logged in you can simply log in as normal, no need to log out first.
  4. In NutriAdmin, go to Settings > Integrations tab and click on Sync with Dropbox.
  5. Follow the steps on screen. If you have multiple dropbox accounts, make sure you choose the one that matches the email from step 2.
  6. Go back to client records where you have uploaded files before and check if they are now visible, or try to upload a file to see if it works now.

If the steps above don't work for you please contact support