By default, all data you create in NutriAdmin is private to you, and can only be accessed by login in with your email/password. If you are part of a team, and are signed up for a business plan subscription, then your teammates will also be able to see your data, depending on your settings.

This means that, for example, when you create:

  • a meal plan
  • a report
  • private notes in a client record
  • recipes

Your clients will not be able to see those documents anywhere. If someone copy/pastes the link to the page with your meal plan in their browser, they will be asked to login in order to access the content.

If you want to share a meal plan, report, or recipe with a client, you can download these documents as a PDF, then email them or print them and hand them to your client.

Regarding private notes, they are called "private" because they are private to you. Clients can fill in questionnaires, but only you can complete the private notes. You can create a report with the private notes for a client, and then download those notes in the report as a PDF, but clients have no direct access to the notes.

Finally, it's your responsibility to keep your account secure. If an unauthorized entity gains access to your password, for example, your content's privacy may be compromised. Your data is secure and private as long as you keep your account safe.