This issue typically happens when your free trial has ended and you have enrolled in the basic plan subscription. When you import recipes, we use a third party service to process the data, and this service charges NutriAdmin for usage, so we only offer this feature on the popular plan (which is USD$10-$15 extra per month) to cover these costs.

By default, when the recipe database cannot connect to the third party service, it always returns the same egg white omelette as a result. This is because it's the first mock recipe in the database that we have available. You should be able to see a warning message before querying the recipes database mentioning that only mock results will be returned if you are in the basic plan.

During the free trial we grant access to all the features of the software for users so that you have all the information you need to decide whether you want to use the software long term. That's why it is possible for a user to import recipes by url during the free trial, but not anymore after the trial ends if the subscription is for the basic plan.

To resolve this issue, it is necessary to upgrade to the popular plan to continue to use the recipes database (and other features like the importing recipes by url, meal plan generator, online payments, etc).

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