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NutriAdmin provides a feature that allows you to quickly generate a recipe using artificial intelligence provided by ChatGPT, from OpenAI.

ChatGPT does not have access to your client data. The only information sent to ChatGPT is your query, e.g. a sentence of text like "give me a recipe for dinner". This means there are no security or privacy concerns with regards to your confidential client/patient data as this external service doesn't have access to it.

This is a powerful feature that allows you to enter text such as: Give me a breakfast recipe using a frying pan and containing eggs and toast ready in 20 minutes or less and get a recipe, including instructions, ingredients, nutritional analysis, and even an AI-generated image pretty much instantly!

Behind the hood NutriAdmin uses OpenAI's technology to generate a recipe matching your query. We also use Dall-E's technology to generate an image matching your recipe. You are free to sell or use this image without any copyright infringment concerns.

Moreover, when a recipe is generated, we use our own technology to match ingredients to items in our food database, so that you can get accurate nutritional information along the recipe.

NutriAdmin is not responsible if any of the recipe's content is inaccurate or incorrect. It is your responsibility to double-check the results generated and to ensure they are suitable to hand over to a client.

Although this AI technology is powerful and it can save you a lot of time, you should see it as a tool to make you more productive, rather than as a replacement for creating recipes at all. The way the AI works it uses a language model to produce plausible content but this can be incorrect sometimes. Please always check results are good before using them yourself.

Ownership of recipes

Every time you generate a recipe using the AI generation feature in NutriAdmin, we will save a copy of the recipe in our database. NutriAdmin will have ownership of this copy and may use it in the feature in other products.

You get a copy of the recipe generated as well, and you can edit and customize your copy any way you see fit. You will retain full ownership of your own copy and edits, and NutriAdmin cannot use your own customized version with edits without your permission.

Our goal at NutriAdmin in compiling copies of AI-generated recipes is to accumulate a body of them to use in future features. By keeping the original copy and allowing the user to make edits and customize their own version you can be sure that nothing private or proprietary you create using the technology is seen by other users.