The answer at the moment of writing this article (12 Janurary 2017) is no, although this may change in the future.

NutriAdmin lets you store data about your clients of different kinds:

  • Questionnaires
  • Appointments
  • Notes
  • Meal Plans
  • etc

As of January 2017, the software allows you to download reports, recipes, and meal plans as PDF documents. Then, you have the freedom to hand these documents to your clients either via email, in person, etc.

For questionnaires and calendar appointments, clients can get your email from the system and complete them online. However, once completed, clients cannot review their own questionnaire online. If you want to hand in a copy of a completed questionnaire to your client, you can follow the steps on this guide:

We have plans for a client portal in the future so that clients can access all their data in one tidy place at any point. This would offer a convenient way for clients to track their progress, and for practitioners to stay in touch and provide encouragement.

The main challenge for us at NutriAdmin to provide a client portal functionality is security. If someone gained access to a clients' login details for example (imagine someone setting up a very weak password), confidential data would be compromised. This would violate many of the conditions of HIPAA compliance.

Once we find and develop a secure way for clients to access their data online without risk, we will be able to provide a client data portal functionality. Security must come first before convenience.

Finally, there are many ways to share data with your clients besides the option for a portal not being available yet. Some of the options include: a) Downloading meal plans/reports in PDF format, and sending them to clients via email after every consultation or update b) Creating a shared Dropbox drive (or similar) with each of your clients and placing updated files there c) Handing in new documents on paper if you have regular follow up meetings in person with your clients

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