Sometimes, when you try to log in to the client portal at NutriAdmin you may get an "invalid state" error. The URL to log in to the portal is:

However, you use that link, you are immediately redirected to a login page and the URL in your browser changes to something long with several codes attached to it. The codes are part of the identification process and they serve to verify your identity and other online security purposes.

You should always try to log in by using the initial URL mentioned above. This will also be the URL that is included in your client portal invitation email.

If you copy/paste the long URL with the codes (the one you are redirected to after clicking the first one), or press back in your browser, or refresh that page, then you would get the invalid state error. This is because the codes in the URL are no longer valid.

This means that if you open the login page from our browser history (e.g. maybe it's suggested to you by the autocomplete feature on your browser), or if you bookmark the login page, or if you come back to your computer after some inactivity time, then the login page may not work anymore. In those cases, you should go back to in your browser, and new codes will be generated so that you can log in.

Another cause for the "invalid state" error is that if you spend too much time inactive in the login page (e.g. you open the page, go away, and come back after a while) the codes may expire, so you may get the same "invalid state" error. Again, going back to should solve the problem.

Finally, although rare, there could be something in your computer/network/browser that could be preventing the login page to load properly. This happens typically with work/enterprise computers, which have enhanced security features and may block login pages outside of the company network. If you are having problems, you may want to check:

  • The WiFi/cable network you are using
  • any proxies/VPN/firewall configurations or something like that that interacts with internet connectivity
  • an antivirus that is blocking the site
  • a different device, e.g. mobile phone to log in to the page

If you have the chance to try a different network, device, or browser, and the page loads fine with these different settings, then there is likely a problem with the device/browser/network you are using.

If none of the above seems to work, you can always contact support by clicking the "ask a question" box below.