When you join the NutriAdmin affiliate program, you will get an affiliate link. This article explains how to correctly use the links. You can read and also watch the following video tutorial:

Watch video tutorial on YouTube

Below is an example of the affiliate portal dashboard for a user with name: test

affiliate link example

In your case, you will have a different unique identifier, either your name or a collection of numbers/letters.

You need to add that url segment to any links you create pointing to NutriAdmin so that we can count your referral correctly.

For example, in this case, in order to link to NutriAdmin's main page, I would need a link to: https://nutriadmin.com?via=test - the clickable portion of the link could be any text, like software for nutritionists.

You can place your links with your unique referral segment appended in any content, including:

  • social media posts
  • articles
  • blog posts
  • descriptions of videos/podcasts

The text for the link can be anything relevant. The link should include your referral code.

You can use any link with any anchor text (e.g. the readable text of the link) but we would appreciate it if you could link to the following pages with one of these links:

You can create variations, e.g. nutritionist software, software for nutritionists and dietitians, etc

Don't forget to append your unique referral code to all URLs you use.