If you have recently joined the NutriAdmin affiliate program, here are some easy ideas to help you get started.

The goal is to share your unique link with your audience. When one of your readers clicks the link and signs up for NutriAdmin, this will count as a sale and you will earn commissions over time.

There are many ways you can share a link. You only earn money when we do, so it's essential to refer relevant users for NutriAdmin. Typically these include nutritionists, dietitians, coaches, personal trainers, etc.

You should make a compelling case to your audience to sign up to try the software, here are some ideas to get started

Simple content ideas

  • If you have tried NutriAdmin personally, talk about the experience
  • Write a review about NutriAdmin as a software product
  • Compare NutriAdmin with alternatives
  • Share a social media post with your audience talking about an aspect of the software you like
  • Request someone from NutriAdmin to participate in an interview about the software

You can check the recommended introductory materials for affiliates. You can also review sample content for inspiration on the kinds of messages you can share with your audience.

If you already have an audience of qualified nutritionists or coaches, i.e. as part of your business/work, then you could share a link with loads of qualified prospects with minimal effort.

Content format

There are many types of content you can use and share with your audience. Here are some examples:

  • Blog posts
  • Email - like a newsletter to your subscribers
  • Specific pages in your website, like a "resources" page or "partnerships" page
  • Articles
  • Social media posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcast episodes
  • Printed materials

Please note that creating paid advertising campaigns using our referral link is not allowed as per the affiliate terms and conditions.

Managing expectations

As with most things in life, you typically get rewarded in proportion to the effort you put in.

If you cultivate a relationship with your audience over time, and you gain their trust and attention, then they should be more receptive to recommendations.

NutriAdmin is a highly rated software product that thousands of nutrition professionals have used. That being said, you need to find the right person to join the software. Someone that doesn't need the software won't join.

Using salesmanship and your marketing skills, you can make a compelling case for your audience to join the software - if relevant to them. Then, if you follow up over time and make the link visible in multiple suitable places, you can expect to see results over time as customers join in.