If you've started with a brief and vague name for your recipe but you now want to give it a more specific or distinct name, follow this step-by-step tutorial to make the desired change seamlessly.

Rename Recipe on Recipe Tab

Step 1: On your Recipes tab, choose a recipe you want to rename and click the Actions drop down. Select the Rename recipe option.

actions rename recipe

Step 2: Rename the recipe as desired then Save Changes.

rename recipe

save changes button

It would look like this after:

renamed recipe

Alternatively, you can also click the recipe and edit Recipe Name. This would give you the same result as shown above.

rename recipe by clicking recipe

Rename Recipe while Editing a Meal Plan

Step 1: Select a recipe you want to rename then click on Rename food.

click recipe and rename food

Step 2: Rename the recipe as desired. If you want to rename your chosen recipe for the entire plan, you can check box Replace all intances in the plan.

rename food option replace all instances in the plan

If you check the Replace all intances in the plan, this is how it would look like:

rename for entire meal plan

To learn how to edit meal plans, you can click this link for the tutorial.