Follow these simple steps to refund a payment made to you by one of your clients.

Step 1: Click on Online Payments.

online paymentes menu

Step 2: Ensure you are located on the Payment history tab.

payment history tab

Step 3: Find the payment you wish to refund and click on Actions.

actions for payment

Step 4: Click on Refund charge.

refund charge

Step 5: Read the information on screen carefully. Then, click on Confirm refund.

confirm refund

At the moment of writing this article (1 July 2017) Stripe processes refunds for free. To check up-to-date pricing for Stripe, please check Refunds can take between 5–10 business days to clear and to appear on your client's account.

After you refund a charge, your NutriAdmin page will update itself and you will see a status of Refunded next to the relevant charge.

refunded charge

You can then notify your client that a refund has been issued.