This video shows you how to manage schedules and show available times to clients to book appointments with you.

We have just released a new feature that allows clients to:

  • book appointments with specific team members (nutritionists/coaches)
  • or book an appointment in a team-wide schedule that shows availability for the whole team.

You can click the button below to learn how this works and what the benefits of this feature are:
Watch video tutorial on YouTube

When using the whole team schedule, then a client will see an available time anywhere where at least one person in the team is available. This can dramatically simplify the logistics when your team grows and cut down in admin work, confusion and lead times for clients.

From a client's perspective, they get to pick an appointment anytime without worrying about which practitioner will be handling their request. After all, if this is a new client, they may not know anyone on the team or have a preference.

On the other hand, if the client wants to work with a specific person in the team, the option to send that person's schedule for appointment booking is available too. You can choose which option is best for each situation.

The schedules work both when you send appointment slots emails to a client, or when clients click in your booking link in your website, social media or emails.

To learn how to configure your working schedules, click here.