As of May 2023 we now support native telehealth in NutriAdmin, you can have videocalls directly inside the app. You can check our blog post on telehealth for nutritionists for more information

A lot of nutrition and wellness professionals nowadays interact with clients and have consultations via videochat/videoconference.

NutriAdmin does not offer telehealth or video-conferencing directly (as of Jul 2022) but there are workarounds to make this work with the software and within your workflow.

We now offer telehealth as mentioned above. This article was written at a time when the technology was too costly, but we have now as of May 2023 found a way to make it cost-effective for users.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to integrate NutriAdmin with Zoom and other platforms

The reason we don't offer telehealth is that, we have studied this possibility, and we have found that adding this functionality would make our software much more expensive for our users, since this technology is costly. It's similar to why we don't provide our own email service to users, since simply using Gmail/Outlook is much cheaper and useful for users.

What works for many of our users is to use Skype/Zoom or other teleconferencing software alongside NutriAdmin. For example, you can have a Skype/Zoom window open and have a call with a client, and have a NutriAdmin window open side-by-side. If you need to take notes from the session, you can write them in NutriAdmin directly. Skype can be used free, and Zoom has more advanced options but costs more. The disadvantage of this approach is not having all the functionality in a single application, but this is not crucial for most users.

It is possible to generate a link or username in your teleconferencing software, and to add that link/username to emails sent from NutriAdmin. For example, when a client books an appointment with you, they could get an email from NutriAdmin that you have configured to say something like "Thanks for booking your appointment. You can add me on Skype with this username, or you can click this link to join a videochat session on Zoom".

You can click here to learn how to configure calendar email templates. Your template could include your Zoom/Skype link.

By not providing telehealth, we are able to focus more on our core functionality, and to provide a more stable and functional software in other regards (e.g. better client records, meal planning, questionnaires, appointment management, etc). This also allows us to sell the software cheaper, since almost everything we offer has been developed in-house, meaning we don't have to pay intermediaries or third parties (as would have been the case if we provided telehealth). Some of our competitors may offer telehealth embedded within their software, but the price of the subscription will likely be significantly higher to cover the cost of video conferencing.

Another advantage of this approach is that clients don't need to install special software just to teleconference with you. Clients are probably used to leading solutions like Zoom or Skype, and they can use those solutions that they likely are already familiar with.

If we find a way to offer telehealth within our package in the future in a way that makes sense, then we may revise our feature set. In the meantime, you can take our software into consideration with this caveat.