The Data Protection Act corresponds to legislation established by the United Kingdom and other member states of the European Union. This legislation regulates personal data processing, and under which circumstances this data can be moved across countries.

Personal data in NutriAdmin

NutriAdmin allows nutritionists and dietitians to input, store, and process data about their clients or patients. This data may include health information as well as personal details. This kind of data is considered sensitive by the UK Data Protection Act, and special safety protocols must be in place in order to ensure handling the data is secure when using an online platform like NutriAdmin.

The Data Protection Act regulates the processing of data. In the context of NutriAdmin, this applies to:

  • Storing client data
  • Editing client data
  • Reviewing client data
  • Retrieving client data
  • Receiving client data
  • Other operations involving client data

Data movement across different countries

Personal data entered in NutriAdmin's systems is stored securely on Microsoft Azure servers. The servers NutriAdmin uses are located in the Netherlands. Additionally, data is geo-replicated across other European locations for security and disaster-recovery purposes.

The UK Data Protection Act imposes restrictions regarding the free movement of personal data across geographical locations. These restrictions mandate that data does not leave the European Union when it is processed (as noted by the definition above).

Since NutriAdmin only moves data within the European Union, NutriAdmin complies with the requirements mandated by the UK Data Protection Act.

Technology and processes in place to ensure data security in NutriAdmin

In order to ensure data is securely stored and handled in NutriAdmin, a variety of technical safeguards and processes are in place:

  • Data is stored in a HIPAA compliant cloud provided by Microsoft Azure
  • Data is backed up regularly
  • Data is transferred over secure protocols
  • NutriAdmin's infrastructure counts with redundancies
  • NutriAdmin's users are verified
  • NutriAdmin's staff monitor the systems on a regular basis to detect and fix technical issues
  • etc

To read a detailed list of all the security procedures followed in NutriAdmin, please read HIPAA and HITECH compliance NutriAdmin.

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