This tutorial assumes you know what the client portal is. If you want to learn more about the portal, please click here.

When you invite a client to the client portal, the client will have access to just some basic information:

  • your name, email, logo
  • his/her name, email, phone

There may be some other basic information that the client has access to by default, but crucially, the client won't have access to any reports, private notes, meal plans, questionnaires, etc by default.

The client can only see content that you have explicitly shared with him or her. This includes:


If you have sent some questionnaires to a client those questionnaires will be accessible in the portal. The client cannot see questionnaires you have not sent yet.

For example, if you have a questionnaire for men, another for women, and another for kids, you can send just the relevant questionnaire to your client, and the other ones will never be visible in the portal.

Also, clients cannot see completed questionnaires after submitting them. This means that if you edit the data in the questionnaire afterwards, the client will not be able to see your annotations. If you want your client to see a questionnaire, you can generate a report with the questionnaire data, then share that report in the portal.


Clients can only see the reports you have explicitly shared with them (by clicking the share button in a report). If you have private reports that are assigned to a client but you don't want the client to access, then as long as you do not share the report the client won't have access to it. The same goes for incomplete reports you haven't finished yet. Until you click the share button, the client cannot see the report.

Meal plans

Clients can only see meal plans you have shared with them. One thing to bear in mind is that when you share a meal plan, any recipes or custom foods within the meal plan will be shared with the client too.


Normally the images in your reports and recipes are private, meaning that only you can access them. When you share a report or meal plan containing a recipe with an image on it, the client will be granted access to the image

What the client does not have access to

Clients never have access to your private notes, appointments, your whole recipe collection (clients can only see recipes inside meal plans you have shared), your payments/billing information in the portal.

Crucially, clients can never see data about other clients, neither can they see your templates, food database, settings, etc. In general, we have designed the system so that clients can only see data you share explicitly, and by default nothing is shared.

If you find during testing that a client has access to something you would like to limit, please contact support and we'll explore adding more options to control access to data for clients.