If a client cannot find their invitation email to the NutriAdmin client portal, the simplest solution is to instruct the client to take these steps:

  1. Go to https://nutriadmin.com/client/login
  2. Click the "forgot password" link
  3. Follow the instructions to reset the password

As long as you have invited the client to the portal at least once, then resetting the password as instructed above should work.

It is not possible to re-send a client portal invitation more than once from the dashboard. The reason for this is that the invitation contains a secret generated password for the client. We do not store that password in our database at NutriAdmin for security reasons, so we don't have a way of adding it back once the initial email has been sent.

As per common reasons why a client may not be able to find the initial email, the most basic checks to do are:

  • Making sure that the client is checking in the right inbox if they have multiple email addresses
  • Searching in the inbox for "no-reply@nutriadmin.com" which is the address responsible for sending emails
  • Checking the spam or deleted folder just in case the email may have landed there
  • Making sure the inbox is not full or has filters setup that would prevent the email from coming in