When you try login in to the client portal, if you get an error message saying your password is incorrect (when you are quite sure it should work) then there are a few considerations you can take into account.

Firstly, if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at https://api.nutriadmin.com/client/login.

You should make sure your email is correct. If you have multiple email addresses, make sure you are login in with the correct one. I.e. maybe your password is correct but your account has been created for a different email address than the one you are using. If you check your inbox and find the invitation to the client portal you received with your original password, that will let you confirm which email you should use.

When typing your password, you need to make sure all the characters are correct. Since the characters are hidden (to ensure nobody can see your password if they are around you) it is possible to enter an incorrect character and not notice.

If you use symbols in your password, e.g. $@# etc, then it's possible that your keyboard layout doesn't match your keyboard mapping. For example, if you have a UK keyboard, but sometimes change it to Spanish or US layout - when the keyboard is configured to Spanish, if the key for @ is pressed, a quote symbol " will be typed instead. When you are typing the password the characters are hidden, so it's hard to notice a subtle issue like this one.

If you are trying to login using a smartphone, it's easy to accidentally tap on the wrong character, especially if your screen is small.

Another thing to take into account is that if you are copy/pasting your password from somewhere, e.g. a password storing application, you need to ensure you are not accidentally copying an extra "space" character, or some other character that may make your password invalid.

In order to confirm that the password is correct beyond a shadow of a doubt you can do as follows:

  1. Write down a new password in a file, e.g. notepad or textEdit. Don't save this file, you just want to have it there for 5 minutes
  2. Reset your client portal password at https://api.nutriadmin.com/client/login.
  3. When resetting the password, copy/paste exactly what is written in step 1. Make sure you are not copying any extra space or newline characters
  4. Once the password is reset, immediately log out
  5. Try login in again by copying your password again from the file. This should work (if it doesn't please contact support).
  6. Delete the file created in step 1, since it's not a good idea to keep your passwords saved in files in plain text

When you are login in, you can try writing your password first in a notepad/textEdit file, then copy/pasting that to the client portal login page if typing the password doesn't seem to work. This ensures that the password you are entering is the intended one.