If you are having any sort of technical issues with the software, you should usually try to:

  • Log out, then log back in. You can do this by clicking your name on the top-right corner of the screen in your NutriAdmin dashboard
  • Change your web browser, e.g. if you are using Safari, try using Google Chrome
  • Reset your browser's cookies as explained here

The above can solve a lot of issues you may occasionally experience, and they are quick checks, so you should always try those before contacting support since this would be the quickest way to potentially solve an issue.

If none of the above techniques solves your problem you should contact support by clicking the "ask a question" box located on the bottom-right of the website. If appropriate, you can reply to the message via email and attach screenshots. There are usually two possibilities for the issue you may be experiencing:

  • There is something wrong with our code (e.g. a glitch/bug) or with our servers/firewalls/database/infrastructure, etc. If this is the case we will fix the problem as fast as possible after you report it
  • There may be an issue with your specific device, browser, or network.

Issues with your device, browser, or network

There are some common problems with devices, browsers and networks that you may be able to diagnose and fix on your own. Sometimes, a user reports an issue with NutriAdmin, but we don't receive any other issue reports from any other user. When this happens, this is a strong indicative that there may be an issue with the user's specific setup rather than with our own infrastructure at NutriAdmin.

If you have both a computer and a smartphone, you should try connecting to NutriAdmin with both. If your computer is connected to a WiFi network, you can try connecting in your phone first via the same WiFi, and later via 3G/4G connection:

  • If NutriAdmin works in your phone whilst connected to WiFi then the WiFi is fine and there is likely a problem with your laptop
  • If NutriAdmin only works over 4G in your phone, then there is a problem with the WiFi

You should consider whether you have an antivirus, proxy, VPN, or other network-related settings that may be mis-configured and interfering with the connection to NutriAdmin. If you are on a corporate network, or public network (e.g. airport, coffee shop, library) the network may have some settings to block certain websites.

If you are at home/office, then maybe something in your router is misconfigured. You can look online for common connectivity issues.

If NutriAdmin used to work fine but is now not working, then try to think if you've changed something recently, e.g. updating software, installing software, changing network, changing browser, installing browser plugins, etc. Some browser plugins may block certain content from some websites for example.

If you have access to different devices (e.g. colleague's computer or family member's computer), different networks (e.g. office and home) then you should try connecting in all of them to see if NutriAdmin works fine in one of the configurations but not in others. This can help narrow down which device/network may be causing the problem.

Finally, if all else fails, you can send us a screenshot of the page where there is a problem showing the "developer console" in your browser as explained in this tutorial

The above list is not exhaustive but it's a good starting point when investigating technical issues that may be related to your device, browser, network.