There may be times when you try to import a recipe you like from a website by using NutriAdmin's Import recipe from URL feature but it does not work, or the recipe lacks some parts like ingredients, or preparation and cooking instructions. This article will explain why this happens and provide an alternative whenever you encounter this issue.

The way importing a recipe works is that an algorithm tries to extract recipe information like ingredients, cooking instructions, or picture from a website automatically. There are instances when the website you are trying to export a recipe from may block a bot from crawling some data, or some of the information may be ambiguous. This prevents the algorithm to import the recipe or some data to NutriAdmin. You can read this article to learn more.

In short, some websites will not work when importing. You may have to try with a few other pages with similar recipes. The good thing is that when you find a website that works, then all recipes from that website should mostly work. For example, this Coronation Chicken recipe from the BBC's website should work:

bbc easy coronation chicken recipe url sample

Note: This feature is only available on Popular, Professional, and Business Plans. You may check out NutriAdmin's pricing page to learn more about the plans and the features that are included for each plan.

If you believe a particular website should work and it doesn't, feel free to send us a message and we will look into it.