Client Portal for Nutritionists

Demonstrate professionalism by allowing your clients to login to our secure client portal. Share meal plans and reports with one click, and keep clients more engaged.

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One safe and convenient place for your clients' data

When you invite clients to the portal, they get access to a web-app where they can fill in your questionnaires and food diaries, as well as see meal plans and reports you have shared with them. Clients get email notifications when you share something with them in the portal. All data is kept secure and accessible on any device. Removing the hassle of managing files away from your clients lets them focus on achieving their nutrition goals with your help, making your services more effective.

nutriadmin client portal for nutritionists

Keep track of client progress over time

You can send questionnaires of any type as well as food diaries and fitness tracking forms via the portal. Clients can login via the website on any device and fill in their data when it's most convenient for them. Clients can securely save progress and fill in a questionnaire over multiple days (e.g. a food diary with multiple day entries). When the forms are completed, data becomes available on your own NutriAdmin dashboard and you get a notification that a questionnaire was completed.

nutriadmin food diary via client portal

HIPAA-compliant telehealth

You can have secure videocalls with your clients right from NutriAdmin. This is the best way to have consultations, and allows you to share your screen to explain a meal plan/report, and take notes in the system as you chat. Clients can log in to their client portal to join a call with you.

nutriadmin save time with the client portal

Client portal for nutritionists and dietitians

NutriAdmin's client portal is designed to make your interaction with clients smoother and more productive. NutriAdmin allows you to:

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