Automated report templates software for nutritionists

Write high quality, personalized reports for clients in seconds

Create reports by ticking boxes

Simply tick boxes to include/exclude notes taken during a consultation into a report. A document will be auto-generated formatting all your notes adequately. Then, you will be able to move blocks of text, and to add some templates. You can get around 80% of your report done in 1 minute, and then just work on the details to finish it in record time. It's never been easier to produce professional personalized documents for your clients

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Never write anything twice

Our philosophy at NutriAdmin is that you should never have to write the same content twice. That's why pretty much everything you type into the software, can be saved and re-used at a later time when writing a report. You can even re-utilize your clients' completed questionnaires to generate reports.

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Leverage report templates

Store a collection of templates with re-usable content that can be inserted into reports with one click. You can add tables, images, links, and formatted text. In many cases, you can copy/paste from websites or Word documents. You can store master lists of dietary supplements, recommended foods, or micronutrient information; add those to reports, and simply remove the specific items that do not apply to each client. The result: a report completed in 5 minutes instead of 50.

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Reports and templates software for nutritionists

NutriAdmin's reports are based on the philosophy of never writing anything twice. Our reports functionality allows you to:

Save time

Save time by auto-populating over half of the content in the reports you create for clients.

Be efficient

Introduce an efficient process to handle one of the most time-consuming aspects of your paperwork much faster as your practice grows.

Do less text formatting

Do the formatting just once for your templates, and re-use them over and over with just a few clicks.

Export in PDF format

Download or print reports in PDF format to hand in to your clients.

Leverage consultation notes

Create supplement recommendation documents, dietary guidelines, etc in under 5 minutes by re-utilizing your consultation notes.

Have everything in one screen

Review a client's data on the side of the screen as you write a report, avoiding the need of switching between applications.

Be organized

Effortlessly maintain a tidy archive of reports for your clients over time. It's straightforward to review a client's report history.

Re-use your content

Re-use the layout of any report to create a similar report for a different client, switching each individual's private data.

Grow your business

Keep client data secure and organized as your business grows and your customer base expands.

Want to try the reports for free?

You can use NutriAdmin for free for 14 days. After that, it's only $29.99/month (USD) for the basic plan that includes the reports. Cancel anytime with 1 click.

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