Appointments and client reminders for nutritionists

Your schedule synchronized automatically with your clients'

Save time by managing your schedule digitally

NutriAdmin's calendar is designed to allow nutritionists to manage their appointments efficiently. You can create appointments, re-schedule them, setup follow up consultations, and have all information linked automatically with your client records. Data is stored securely and backed up, so you can comfortably transition your current schedule from paper to digital.

nutriadmin calendar for nutritionists and dietitians

Never worry about scheduling logistics again

NutriAdmin let's you send appointment slots emails to clients with one click. The system takes care of the logistics to ensure clients can only book times in such a way that you are always available. Never again email clients back and forth to agree on a date; just choose amongst the suggestions you receive and your clients will be notified automatically once you set a date for their appointments.

nutriadmin appointment slots

Increase your clients' compliance by sending them auto-generated reminders

Ticking a box in the calendar is all it takes for a reminder email to be sent 24 hours before your appointment with a client. NutriAdmin allows you to ensure your clients do not forget about future commitments without having to manually email them every time.

nutriadmin client reminders for dietitians

Calendar and client reminders for nutritionists

NutriAdmin's calendar, scheduling, appointments, and reminders will save you time and money. NutriAdmin allows you to:

Send appointment slots with one click

Your clients receive a schedule where they can suggest appointment dates such that you never have time clashes.

Configure multiple working schedules

Always send clients the appropriate schedule if you work at different clinics or practices, or if your shifts are variable.

Sync with Google Calendar

NutriAdmin integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar. Apple's iCal works as well (learn more).

Send automatic confirmations

Your clients receive auto-generated emails with appointment info when you confirm an event with them.

Never miss an appointment

NutriAdmin sends you a notification every time a client suggests an appointment date so that you can promptly review it.

Eliminate paper files

NutriAdmin's calendar removes the need for keeping and maintaining paper files.

Send client reminders

Tick a box to schedule an email reminder for your client before any appointment date.

Access your calendar everywhere

Have your schedule always up-to-date in the cloud, available from your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device.

Save money

by managing the admin side of your practice with NutriAdmin, avoiding the need to pay for multiple software programs for different tasks.

Want to try the calendar, appointments, and reminders for free?

You can use NutriAdmin for free for 14 days. After that, it's only $29.99/month (USD) for the basic plan that includes the calendar. Cancel anytime with 1 click.

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