Online payments software for nutritionists

Bill your clients with one click

Request payments from your clients with one click

Your clients will receive an email linking to a secure payment website – including your name, logo, and custom text. The payments infrastructure we use at NutriAdmin is powered by Stripe, one of the leading online payment gateway companies in the world. Payments are secure, and funds are transferred to your bank account just a few days after processing.

Request Online Payments from your Clients with One Click

Effortlessly keep track of your income

NutriAdmin will automatically keep track of all of the payments you request from clients. It is straightforward to check which client has paid for a given service, whose card was declined, which payments were refunded and more. Simplify your accounting process by letting NutriAdmin keep records for you.

Keep track of your finances with NutriAdmin

Adapt NutriAdmin to your nutrition business

It is really simple to setup the different services you offer with NutriAdmin. You only need to configure how much you charge for each service you offer once, and then you will be able to bill the right amount to the right client with a click. You can include your branding with payment request emails so that clients easily identify your company – and you can even customize the text clients see when filling a payment form.

Customizable payments software for nutritionists

Online payments software for nutritionists and dietitians

Here is everything you need to know about NutriAdmin's online payments feature

Powered by Stripe

NutriAdmin integrates seamlessly with Stripe – one of the leading companies in online payments.

Secure Infrastructure

Stripe complies with all of the security standards required to process online payments. Your funds and financial information is always secure.

Transparent pricing

Stripe charges competitive fees for each of your transactions. NutriAdmin does not charge any extra amounts on top of Stripe's fees.

Multiple currencies supported

You can bill your client in most popular currencies, including US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and more.

Send receipts automatically

Your clients are emailed a purchase receipt for any transactions they conduct with you automatically.

Effortlessly record transactions

All of your client payments are recorded automatically so that you can keep track of your finances without any hassle.

Bill your clients with one click

One click from the NutriAdmin dashboard is all it takes to request an online payment from your clients.

Save time

NutriAdmin simplifies your payments process, allowing you to spend less time with paperwork, and more time with clients.

Save money

NutriAdmin is an all-in-one solution for nutritionists and dietitians, which means you will only need to pay for one software product instead of many.

Want to try NutriAdmin for free?

You can use NutriAdmin for free for 14 days. After that, it's only $39.99/month (USD) for the popular plan that includes the Online Payments integration with Stripe. Cancel anytime with 1 click.

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