Online client questionnaires software for nutritionists

Sent with one click. Integrate your clients' forms in your customer database seamlessly

Online client questionnaires, intake forms, and food diaries for nutritionists and dietitians

NutriAdmin let's you create multiple professional questionnaires that you can send to clients with one click. Manage food diaries, intake forms, and follow up questionnaires with ease. Clients can complete questionnaires from any device, and you get an email notification when they do.

questionnaires for nutritionists

Completely customize questionnaires with a few clicks

NutriAdmin's questionnaires are totally flexible, and can be configured and edited in any kind of way. You can create your own tables, checkboxes, text fields, etc; or use pre-defined forms with common questions used by nutritionists with zero configuration. Customizing data is as easy as switching ON and OFF fields from categories such as supplementation, personal/contact details, medical history, lifestyle questions, and dozens more.

customizable questionnaires for nutritionists

Let your clients do the work for you

Never again re-type your client' answers into your client records system. With NutriAdmin, data provided by clients is integrated automatically in their corresponding client records. Send your patients a questionnaire prior to a consultation with one click, instead of spending valuable time during a meeting filling in the forms yourself.

efficient questionnaires for nutritionists

Questionnaires software for nutritionists

Here is everything NutriAdmin's questionnaires allow you to do

Send forms with one click

Tha's all it takes for your client to receive an email with your branding, personalized greeting, and a link to your questionnaire.

Keep client data safe

NutriAdmin ensures client data confidentiality by transferring questionnaires over a secure protocol and storing data in a HIPAA compliant cloud.

Create multiple questionnaires

You can store as many different questionnaires as you need for different kinds of clients, or consultation types.

Synchronize data automatically

Data entered by clients is automatically linked to their corresponding client records. You never have to re-write your clients' forms.

Be flexible with your clients

NutriAdmin allows your clients to fill in your questionnaires online from any device, without the need to installing special software.

Personalize your branding

It is straightforward to include your branding/logo in emails and questionnaires so that clients recognize them as yours.

Grow your client base

Keep client data secure and organized as your business grows and your customer base expands.

Save time

By automating all the logistics of sending, receiving and processing client forms.

Save money

By taking advantage of all of NutriAdmin's features, as opposed to paying for separate software just for questionnaires.

Want to try the questionnaires for free?

You can use NutriAdmin for free for 14 days. After that, it's only $29.99/month (USD) for the basic plan that includes the questionnaires. Cancel anytime with 1 click.

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