Recipes software for nutritionists and dietitians

Create professional recipes with minimal effort

Manage all of your recipes from a single platform

NutriAdmin allows you to create all of your recipes and store them online. You can download a recipe at any time to hand it in to a client, or include your recipes in meal plans with one click. You can start a recipe from scratch, or search a database with 330,000+ recipes to use as a template. Recipes look professional when printed and include your logo.

Recipes software for nutritionists

Built for nutritionists and dietitians

NutriAdmin has been designed for nutritionists and dietitians and includes many advanced features to make the recipe creation process simpler. You can find ingredients in our database containing 70,000+ food items, or you can create your own food products by providing their nutritional values. You can add images to recipes, manage serving size, and customize pretty much every aspect of your recipes.

Recipe management for nutritionists

Nutritional information is calculated automatically for you

NutriAdmin automatically determines all of the energy, macronutrients, and micronutrients for each of the ingredients in your recipe as well as for the recipe as a whole. You can choose to download nutritional values when exporting your recipe as a PDF. Furthermore, when you add a recipe to a meal plan, all of the nutritional values are calculated for you according to serving size.

Nutrient calculator recipe

Recipe creator for nutritionists and dietitians

Here is everything you need to know about NutriAdmin's recipes software

Search 360,000+ recipes

We provide you with a large database of ready-to-use to get you started quickly.

Create your own recipes

You can create and completely customize your own recipes from scratch, or use existing recipes as a template.

Automatic nutritional values

NutriAdmin calculates macronutrients, energy, and micronutrients in your recipes automatically.

Integrated with meal plans

You can add recipes to meal plans with 1-click. This way, your clients know what to eat, and how to prepare it.

Integrated shopping list

NutriAdmin adds the individual ingredients of your recipe to a shopping list when you include recipes in meal plans.

Advanced search

Find exactly the recipes you need with the ability to exclude allergens and filtering by diet, meal type, or cuisine.

Automatic branding & attribution

Your logo is always included in recipes. If you use a recipe from the database, the original author is referenced automatically.

Save time

Create your recipes once, then use them over and over on their own or in meal plans for your clients with 1 click.

Save money

Apart from recipes, NutriAdmin includes everything a nutritionist needs: meal plans, crm, questionnaires, calendar, payments, and more.

Want to try NutriAdmin for free?

You can use NutriAdmin for free for 14 days. After that, it's only $29.99/month (USD) for the basic plan that includes recipes, or $39.99/month (USD) for the popular plan that grants you access to the recipes database. Cancel anytime with 1 click.

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