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Using NutriAdmin for Nutritional Functional Medicine

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“What used to take me an hour, per client, now takes me about 20 minutes”

Brenda Gregory is a Functional Medicine nutritionist that started her company -Energized Wellness- around two years ago and has already completed her first years as a NutriAdmin client. With a background in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s research, her own constant digestive issues inspired her to learn how food was affecting her body, discovering her true passion was on Nutrition and eventually earning a master’s degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. This knowledge allows her to figure where the root of many of her patient’s issues is, for which NutriAdmin has proved to be the nutritional Functional Medicine software she needed to manage quickly and in an easy, organized way all her data, meal plans, reports and much more.

How does your typical day look like at work?

I have an office space that I rent and it’s just me and the typical day it depends on what the day is, I’m still building my practice so sometimes I see one client, sometimes I see six, it just depends on the day and what the consult is. If it’s a Nutritional intake, so it’s a new patient or client, then we’ll spend about two hours just sitting and talking about health history and lifestyle -lifestyle is very important for what I do- and talking about the major and minor stress factors in life and just figuring out what day to day looks like to them, what their major obstacles to health are. Then, if it’s a follow-up, I apply kinesiology, some muscle testing, so I think it’s very important to blend eastern and western medicine, very important. A follow-up appointment might look like running over lab results if we have them, it just might be catching up, one on one figuring out what’s working, what’s not working, and then doing some muscle testing for supplement protocols.

How long have you been using NutriAdmin for?

Maybe about a year, a little over a year, I believe, and that was a practice changer for me. That changed everything for me. I was doing everything by hand, creating all of my own documents and it was incredibly time-consuming. Being able to have this database where all of my clients’ information is in one spot where I can always go to it, I can create PDFs based on my practitioner notes and I can create notes specifically for my clients, it’s been a real game changer.

What do you like the most about NutriAdmin?

I don’t know if I can pick one thing because it has just changed my practice! I think that what I like the most is a toss-up between being able to spit out PDFs for my clients and making that very quick and the meal planning, being able to put in all of my own foods and if I need to do that I can put in my own stuff and create my own meal plans. What used to take me an hour, sometimes an hour and a half per client, now takes me about 20 minutes.

How do you use the reports functionality at NutriAdmin and what are the benefits of using reports?

The benefit is that I was having to do a lot of copying and pasting and going through my notes because my notes are not always… let’s say I’m not good at “hold on, let me write this in this section because I know you’re going to need it later”. Instead, I have a place where I can write everything down and then I can spend 3 minutes just going through and taking out the information that I know it’s pertinent and putting it into the follow-up section and then creating a document that just spits out that follow up information for me. Then it’s just a little formatting in the way that I like it so it’s just a lot quicker and it looks professional. I love that feature.

How does NutriAdmin help you manage a large number of clients and follow-ups over time?

It allows me to keep track of my clients, to have one spot where I can keep track of everything, where I can quickly and easily just open it up, see their notes from last time, spend a few minutes going through those making sure there’s nothing major that I’ve missed to catch up with the client. It allows me to spend less time having to go to different folders trying to find things; it’s all in one location so it’s very easy that way.

What are the benefits of having all your client data in one place?

I use everything out of NutriAdmin, so the scheduling, the report system, the emailing… I don’t use any other systems or databases.

Have your queries been addressed quickly in the past whenever you contacted technical support at NutriAdmin?

Yes, and I actually feel that I’ve bugged them a lot! That’s actually one of the things that I really love about this company –that it’s immediate. Generally, it’s within 24 hours that I get a response but it’s usually in an hour or two that someone has responded to me and I believe the issues have always been resolved within 24 hours, usually less than that. The responsiveness is fantastic.

Would you recommend NutriAdmin to a colleague? What kinds of nutrition professionals do you think would benefit the most from using this software?

Oh, absolutely. I think that all nutritionists could benefit from this. I think there’s a lot of nutritional therapists’ practices that are really picking up, especially in the States, so I think that could be incredibly beneficial for a nutritional therapist. But I think that really anyone that is running any sort of nutrition practice could benefit from this product.

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