top 5 best apps for nutritionists and dietitians comparison

Best Apps for Nutritionists, an Honest Comparison

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Are you looking for the best apps for nutritionists and dietitians? Do you run a nutrition practice and want to be more effective? If the answer is yes then this article will show you the top 5 apps for nutritionists and dietitians.

We have compiled this list based on insider knowledge, verified user reviews, and objective data. My intention is to provide you with an honest and transparent comparison. After you read, you will be able to choose the best app for your nutrition practice.

With so many apps out there and an ever-changing technology landscape, it can be hard to pick the best. Moreover, once you choose an app to work with, it can be hard to switch to another one. This makes it imperative to do some research and find out which app for nutritionists works best for your individual situation.

Read on to find out which are the best apps for nutritionists. In addition, if you stick to the end, I will provide you with a personalized PDF plan to help you choose the right app. This is so that you can do some simple tests and find out which app is best for you.

Finally, there is also a video at the end discussing the article, be sure to check it out!

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for any nutritionist or health coach looking for an app to help with their job.

You will find it useful if you run a nutrition practice. Alternatively, it is also relevant if you do consulting with clients for work or meal planning.

No matter who you are, there are a multitude of apps out there. With so many apps, it can be hard to know which one is best. This article will help you find the right app for nutrition for your work. Moreover, you will learn tools to make the right choice based on your individual situation.

best apps for nutritionists top 5

What is an app for nutritionists and dietitians?

An app refers to any software application (typically web-based) designed for nutritionists and dietitians. The app should help people working with nutrition clients to do their work more effectively. Usually by facilitating record keeping, appointments, payments, meal planning, and other routine tasks

Benefits of choosing the right apps for nutritionists and dietitians

There are many benefits of using software tools for work. For instance, whether you need to manage client records, create meal plans, or manage scheduling, the right app can be invaluable.

Some benefits that nutritionist and dietitian apps can provide include:

  • Saving time in repetitive tasks, including with automation.
  • Opening new avenues for income, e.g. by providing meal plans for clients.
  • Showing professionalism with high-quality documents like meal plans, recipes, and reports.
  • Allowing for client communication, including telehealth.
  • Peace of mind by keeping client records in compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other laws.
  • and many more.

In essence, the right apps for nutritionists allow you to do your work more efficiently. Some tasks are made much easier with the right tool. For instance, how long would it take you to create a meal plan with pen and paper? Did you know a meal plan generator can make the plan for you in 60 seconds? That’s an example where an app can result in an astonishing time saving!

Why trust me on which apps for nutritionists are best?

My name is Diego and I have been running NutriAdmin since 2016. Our specialty is software for nutritionists and dietitians.

Let’s be clear right from the start: I run an app for nutritionists. Accordingly, almost by necessity, my comments on which apps are best will be biased.

The above being said, I still think that you can get a lot of value from reading this article. I will explain why briefly below.

With the above in mind, it is up to you to use critical thinking to decide which app is best for you (if any). What I bring to the table is a lot of insider knowledge and experience in the field of apps for nutritionists and dietitians. After all, I have been immersed in the industry for 7+ years.

My goal is to equip you with knowledge and facts so that you can make an informed decision. I believe that NutriAdmin is amongst the better apps for nutritionists out there; and I will present you with facts below to justify this claim. On the other hand, we do have competitors and I will mention the ones I believe are best.

Now, you may be wondering, why would I write an article talking about my competitors?

Apps for nutritionists only make money from long-term users

I recently wrote a guide on how to choose the best apps for coaches. In there, I explained how we only really make money at NutriAdmin when a user finds the software valuable long-term. If I convince you with this article to sign up for NutriAdmin, but then the software is not a right fit for your situation, then we are both losing time.

Our best users will like NutriAdmin and stay subscribed for years. Conversely, when a user that is not the right fit signs up, typically they will cancel within a few days or weeks. We make 95% of our income from long-term users. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was quite similar for all of our competitors.

It is in my interest to present you with accurate, honest facts. My goal is that you become informed so that you are best able to decide for yourself which app is best for you. After all, I won’t be making any money if you sign up for my own app but we don’t meet your requirements.

how the best apps for nutritionists make money
How the best apps for nutritionists make money

Apps for nutritionists have competitors

I could pretend we have no competitors at NutriAdmin and talk just about our own product. However, I think that would be both silly and ineffective. Let’s break the apparent taboo!

At the end of the day, anyone trying NutriAdmin out will either like the software, or look for alternatives if dissatisfied. After all, anyone with access to the internet can google “software for nutritionists” and find alternative options. For that reason, there is no point in me hiding competing products from you.

The above being said, not every competitor is the same. If you check apps for nutritionists, you may find 100 or more options! That is because many products “could be used” by a nutritionist. Some companies position themselves broadly to attract a higher number of customers. However, in practice, there is a much smaller number of truly specialized apps for nutritionists and dietitians.

We have been running NutriAdmin as one such specialized app for nutritionists and dietitians for 7+ years. During all this time, we have only heard a few alternative product names from our customers. In my opinion, these common names represent the companies we consider our direct competitors.

Who are NutriAdmin’s main competitors?

NutriAdmin’s main competitors are Nutrium, PracticeBetter, That Clean Life, and Evolution Nutrition. These are the names we hear most often from our users. Which app is best for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.
For instance, sometimes, users move from a competitor to NutriAdmin. Conversely, sometimes users move out from NutriAdmin to one of the competitors mentioned above.
There are many other apps out there, but these are the names we hear most often. You should note there is no single app that is best for everyone. Although there is overlap, the exact features, focus, design, pricing, customer service, etc are all different in each app.

What are NutriAdmin’s competitors saying?

You don’t have to just take my word! Our competitors have mentioned NutriAdmin as one of their own competitors. Additionally, there are third-party sites mentioning NutriAdmin and competitors together.

Firstly, you can click here for a published article in TechCrunch where Nutrium was interviewed. At the end of the article, NutriAdmin is mentioned as one key competitor.

On the other hand, you can also read this article where PracticeBetter is compared to NutriAdmin. You can also check this one comparing NutriAdmin to ThatCleanLife. Both these articles are on a third-party site.

This list from AFPA mentions NutriAdmin, Nutrium, Evolution Nutrition, amongst other specialized tools. There are many other such lists from unbiased third parties that mention NutriAdmin amongst other competitors. We haven’t paid for/requested being featured in this list.

You can also check this list from Wellpreneur, there are others like this online. You can do your own search online for other publications and you will often see the same few names pop up.

There is no best app for everyone

We have had users join NutriAdmin saying this is so much better than “insert competitor name here”.

Conversely, we also ask our users the reason for canceling their subscription when they do so. About 5% of our users cancel their subscription mentioning they are switching to a competitor. The names most often mentioned are above.

reasons for cancelling nutriadmin
We ask this question to users when they cancel NutriAdmin

The funny thing is that we seem to be stealing customers from and also losing customers to the same few competitors! This tells you a few things:

  • There seem to be just a few apps that are best for nutritionists and dietitians. Namely NutriAdmin, Nutrium, PracticeBetter, ThatCleanLife and Evolution Nutrition.
  • Which app will be best for your specific circumstances will vary
  • There is no one-size-fits-all best app for everyone
  • Some people will claim app A is better than app B, and others will say the opposite is true

Product rankings can be untrustworthy

Have you ever wanted to buy a new product or service? E.g. software, accommodation, or even just a meal at a restaurant? What is one of the first things you have done in that scenario? If you are like most consumers you will Google “best <insert product category>” and check online reviews.

Marketers know this, and they exploit it to their advantage. This is why when you search on google for comparisons or product reviews you will always find plenty of results. This may, in fact, be the way you found this particular article!

What’s the problem with this? You have to ask yourself three things:

  1. What is the agenda of the person writing the article
  2. What are the biases of the author
  3. Where is the money?

Agenda of the author

Who is the person behind the article? Are they qualified to make claims about products? What specific knowledge do they have to recommend specific products? You should ask yourself these and other questions.

Some author’s agenda is to make you click on their article to show you advertisements. You will quickly recognize these kinds of pages by the million pop-ups you get upon loading the page.

Other authors just want to sell you their own product. These articles will position their own product as superior, and ignore competitors or discard them unfairly.

You should use your own judgment and be critical of anyone making claims about commercial products

Biases of the author

Clearly, when someone is trying to sell their own product, they will be biased. In other cases, the author may receive a commission for the sale of a given product.

Always check what the biases of the author may be so that you evaluate the information presented critically.

Here is an example of what I consider personally dishonest behaviour. You can click here for a “comparison” made by Foodzilla between themselves and NutriAdmin. If you notice, that article just talks about Foodzilla and doesn’t mention NutriAdmin even once! Not only that, Foodzilla claims to be the only app with a meal plan generator, which is plain misinformation as NutriAdmin and other companies offer this too.

The Foodzilla article above also makes no mentions to third-party verified reviews. It’s mainly claims made by the author without unbiased data to back it up. As a reader, you decide if what is trustworthy information using critical thought.

Follow the money

Any discussion of a commercial product will involve money going to someone. Check if the author makes money on selling specific products.

Alternatively, some authors will make money on ads. If the site you are checking is supported by ads that is a consideration to make.

Putting it all together, justifying my choice of apps

So, for all the arguments above:

  • My professional experience in the field
  • The data and insider knowledge I have acquired over the years
  • Evidence of third parties comparing the same small number of apps for nutritionists
  • User reviews in Capterra
  • Incentive to inform you as I only make money when the right type of customer joins my app

I believe this should be an honest, well-researched article. Hopefully you will find the best nutritionist app for your use-case. As mentioned many times, it is your decision which app to go for. You should do your own research and consult other people’s research.

With the above in mind, let me show you what the top apps for nutritionists and dietitians are in my opinion.

How to find the best apps for nutritionists

You have probably used reviews in Google Maps/Yelp for restaurants, or Trustpilot for bigger companies. Likewise, you can find Amazon reviews for products, IMDb reviews for films/shows, Tripadvisor for holidays. You can also use the Apple/Google play store for app reviews.

Whilst the above can be helpful, they are not the best place for comparing software products. The best place for software reviews is Capterra. This is because reviews in Capterra are verified, and because Capterra specializes in software. This is in contrast to general-purpose reviews sites.

If you Google “best software for <category>”, Capterra is likely to come up on top. Other popular software reviews sites are SoftwareAdvice and GetApp (owned by Gartner, which also owns Capterra). A competitor would be G2Crowd.

Why is Capterra the best place for software reviews?

A combination of factors make Capterra the best place to check reviews for nutritionist apps.

  • Verified reviews: The team at Capterra checks every single review to make sure it belongs to an actual person
  • Real users: Only a user of a given app can provide a review for that app
  • Software focus: Reviews focus on software-specific topics like customer service, features, pricing, integrations, etc
  • Biggest repository: Capterra is the biggest source for software reviews, so you will get the most data there

When you check reviews in google maps or the Apple app store you just get a star rating and a comment. In Capterra, you get in-depth commentary on a variety of specific topics about a commercial app.

The limitations of Capterra listings

Whilst Capterra is a great resource, it has limitations. If you check the nutritionist software reviews page at Capterra you will see many results. 87 in total at the time of writing this article!

best apps for nutritionists reviews capterra

You should note that apps are sorted by “sponsored” by default. You can change the setting to list apps by “highest rated”.

The reason there are so many apps here is because many are not specialized. E.g. There are many apps just for handling appointments here. Some of these apps will be part of a big company and have thousands of reviews. Unless you are only looking for appointment management, they are not truly apps for nutritionists.

Conversely, you will find many apps with little to no reviews. You can do your own research, but this typically indicates the app is too new, too small, or no longer maintained.

You probably want to focus on apps with high reviews, a good number of reviews, and that are highly relevant to you as a nutritionist or dietitian. The top 5 apps listed above meet this criteria.

My own experience with NutriAdmin

There are many apps in the list at Capterra that I have never heard of. My customers have never mentioned them. On the other hand, some of the apps there I know are no longer actively maintained. These are typically the apps that have little to no reviews.

I am shortening the list to just what I consider the top 5 apps for nutritionists. I am aware I am including my own app in the shortlist, but I will justify why with data and facts. You can then evaluate this and see if they sound reasonable to you.

The Top 5 apps for nutritionists running a practice

With all the above in mind, I will provide you with what I honestly think are the top 5 best apps for nutritionists and dietitians.

This list contains:

  • The competitor names we hear most often from our own customers
  • The nutritionist/dietitian apps are amongst the most reviewed in Capterra.
  • Apps specialized for nutritionists and dietitians
  • Apps that have been around for a while and are established
  • Just objective facts about the companies. No subjective opinions. You can form your own opinions based on your own research.

The list is in no particular order. It is not a ranking. I don’t believe there is a “best” app for everyone. Every app has different aspects that can make it better or worse for you depending on your goals.

I have compiled the below facts to the best of my ability. If you, as a reader, spot an error, feel free to reach out to let me know and I will correct it. You can find my contact details here.


Logonutriadmin logo
Year Founded2016
Review Rating4.7 / 5 stars in Capterra
Company taglineAll-in-one software for nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness professionals. Create easy-to-follow meal plans that drive results in 60 seconds & manage all your clients in one secure, organized place.
PricingStarts at $0/mo (limited) or $24.99/mo. Check NutriAdmin pricing
Free trial14-days free trial
FeaturesIncludes client records, meal planning software, and meal plan generator, amongst others. Aims at being an all-in-one-solution for nutrition practice. Check NutriAdmin Features.


Logonutrium logo
Year Founded2015
Review Rating4.2 / 5 stars in Capterra
Company taglineAll-in-one Nutrition Software for dietitians and nutritionists. Nutrium is the best nutrition software for professionals to manage their business while focusing on their clients’ success.
PricingNo publicly provided pricing information. Check Nutrium Pricing
Free trialFree trial offered
FeaturesIncludes meal planning and client records amongst other features. Aims at being an all-in-one solution for nutrition practice. Check Nutrium Features


Logopractice better logo
Year Founded2016
Review Rating4.7 / 5 stars in Capterra
Company taglineBetter Outcomes/Engagement/Accountability/Client Support/Workflows. Expand your impact with an all-in-one practice management software built to fuel the success of Health & Wellness professionals and their clients.
PricingStarts at $25/mo. Check Practice Better Pricing
Free trial14-day free trial
FeaturesFocuses more deeply on client records and practice management without a meal planning component. Check Practice Better Features

That Clean Life

Logothat clean life
Year Founded2014
Review Rating4.7 / 5 stars in G2Crowd
Company taglineNutrition planning for health professionals. Finally, a simple way to provide beautiful nutrition guidance to your clients. Built for high-performance professionals.
PricingStarts at $30/mo. Check That Clean Life Pricing
Free trialNo Free Trial Option
FeaturesMainly meal planning with no practice management features. Check That Clean Life Features

Evolution Nutrition

LogoEvolution Nutrition
Year Founded2009
Review Rating4.3 / 5 stars in Capterra
Company taglineEvolve your fitness business with professional meal plan programs crafted by Registered Dietitians. From vegan to paleo and everything in between – get access to over 4,400 nutrition focused meal plans covering 22 diet category types.
PricingStarts at $59/mo. Check Evolution Nutrition Pricing
Free trialNo Free Trial Option
FeaturesMainly meal planning with no practice management features. Check Evolution Nutrition Features

Other apps for nutritionists and dietitians

There are many other apps for nutritionists out there, including: Healthie, Nutritics, SimplePractice, Nutritio, or Foodzilla. There are also many fitness/coaching apps like Trainerize, Eat This Much, or My PT Hub.

On the other hand, you can consider free “utility” apps like MyFitnessPal or Chronometer.

Pen and paper or Word/Excel documents can be a suitable alternative if you don’t need something specialized. This is suitable for someone starting out or managing a small number of clients.

Finally, there is a class of general purpose apps. For example, you can use VCita or Google Calendar for appointments. You can also use Zoom/Skype for communication. Many apps for the general public can be useful.

As always, you should do your own research and think about what you need. The above are the best apps for nutritionists in my opinion. There are other options out there and it is impossible to list them all.

So, once you have a shortlist of apps to consider, how do you compare them?

Limitations of reviews

You should check different sites for reviews if possible, and not necessarily obsess over the exact value.

For instance, Nutrium is rated 4.2 stars in Capterra. However a quick Google search shows ratings of 3.9 in Google play and 4.8 in Facebook. That is a big gap!

You should check where the ratings come from, and what they are for. Also ensure the reviews are significant. Below, the Google Play reviews have 1,790 votes, whilst the Facebook reviews involve only 32 votes.

nutrium reviews example

nutrium reviews second example

Use your own judgment when evaluating reviews and make sure you understand what is being measured.

Comparison of top apps for nutritionists

Let me preface this section by saying you should never trust a comparison table provided by a company. The reason is obvious, the company will be biased to showcase those areas in which they look more favorably.

For that reason, I have not compiled a comparison of apps for nutritionists and dietitians. Instead, I have used the Capterra compare tool to show you the most objective data I can.

You can click here for a comparison of the features in Capterra. If that link doesn’t work, you can go to Capterra and find the “compare” option. This is an interactive tool, so you can add other apps you want to compare there. You can see a screenshot of the results below.

Why is this more objective? Because all the data in the table has been submitted by the respective company. Every company has an incentive to showcase themselves in the best light possible.

comparison of apps for nutritionists and dietitians
Apps for nutritionists comparison. Capterra only allows comparing 4 companies at the same time.

Is more features always better?

In many cases yes, but not always.

Comparing features has the inherent limitation that the table mentions quantity as opposed to quality. Some apps have fewer features because they specialize in a few things, so they may be better at those.

For example, NutriAdmin and Nutrium have the most features, focusing on both the admin and meal plan side of things.

Practice Better focuses on admin/client record features and may be better for those specific features. This is at the expense of having no meal planning component.

On the other hand, Evolution Nutrition and ThatCleanLife focus on meal plans and have no client records/admin features.

You should consider which features you need, which are crucial, and which are simply nice to have. Some apps have fewer features and those features are better. Not always though, sometimes an app just has fewer features because less development effort has gone into it.

Testing out apps for nutritionists

Nothing beats testing an app to see if it works for you. Everybody is different and has diverse requirements and priorities. Three different apps may claim to provide “meal plans”, but it’s only once you try them out that you find out which best suits you.

Relying on reviews and comparisons can be helpful to narrow down the list of apps to consider. After all, there is no much sense in wasting time with apps with terrible/no reviews. Likewise, an app that has just come out is likely to be incomplete. Alternatively, an obsolete app from decades ago that is no longer supported is not a good candidate either.

You should do a free trial with a few of the apps that look most promising to you. If a free trial is not available, you may consider paying the minimum amount possible or watching videos to learn more.

A free trial will allow you to evaluate how well the software meets your needs. Moreover, you will discover many other things, such as the quality of the customer support received.

Download a checklist to help you test apps for nutritionists

I have put together a checklist to help you decide which app is best for you.

The key steps include:

  • Compiling a shortlist of apps to consider
  • Curating the list
  • Doing free trials and testing the apps
  • Making a final decision

You can download a PDF checklist on how to choose the best apps for nutritionists below.

Watch a video discussing the top 5 apps for nutritionists

You can watch me on a video discussing the topics in this article below.

So what is the best app for nutritionists?

There is no “best app” for nutritionists. It will all depend on what you need, your budget, etc. Whilst clearly some apps are much better than others, you should check reviews and unbiased independent commentary for reference.

Any company claiming to be the best better demonstrates that with solid evidence. It is easy for a marketer to claim to be the best, but is this backed by the facts?

Signs of a great app for nutritionists are high reviews, long-term customers, being established for long, etc. That being said, at the end of the day you have to try out the apps that seem promising before you can know if they are the right fit.

Parting thoughts

My hope with this article is to provide you with a starting point so that you can find the best nutritionist app for your situation. I have shared some tools that can help you decide, including insider knowledge, my opinions and experience, and sources of unbiased reviews.

I am aware I am including my own app NutriAdmin in the list claiming to be amongst the best. As justification, you can check out NutriAdmin reviews (4.7 / 5 average, which is amongst the highest), competitive pricing, and extensive feature set.

I cannot honestly claim we are the best at everything though. For some customers, we may be the best. For others, another option may be preferable. We have heard both stories from nutritionists trying our app.

It can be hard to switch from one app to another. For that reason, I encourage you to do your own research and try a few options. The benefits of working with the right tools are enormous. Most people don’t test enough alternatives because it takes time and it is tedious. A little effort now can save you countless time and money in the long term!

If you’re also interested in finding the best meal planning app for your practice, our additional guide can provide valuable insights to assist you in your search. Alternatively, if you’re looking into nutrition software options, you can check out our NutriAdmin alternatives and comparisons page to see selected apps’ free trials, pricing, feature focus, and more.

Hope you have found this article useful. If you have any comments or questions feel free to write down below. If you think any of the figures I have quoted are inaccurate, please message me and I will correct them.

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